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Roald Dahl


Macarena Arce

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Roald Dahl

by Roald Dahl Matilda He was born in Llandaff, Wales on September 1916
From the age of 7 to 9 he attended Llandaff Cathedral School
In 1925 he was transferred to a boarding school in England: Saint Peter's in Weston-super-Mare
Roald was 13 when he started at Repton, a famous public school in Derbyshire
In July 1934 he joined the Shell Petroleum Company
In November 1939 Dahl joined the Royal Air Force as an Aircraftman
Dahl began his wrtiting in 1942, after he was transferred to Washington, D.C. as Assistant Air Attaché
On 2 July 1953 Dahl married an American actress, Patricia Neal
He had five children with her: Olivia, Tessa, Theo, Ophelia and Lucy.
Roald Dahl died on 23 November 1990, at the age of 74 of a blood disease, myelodysplastic syndrome. Biography A 1964 children's book
The story features the adventures of young Charlie Bucket inside the chocolate factory of eccentric chocolatier Willy Wonka
The book was adapted into two major motion pictures:
Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971)
Charlie & the Chocolate Factory (2005) Charlie
and the
Chocolate Factory Children's story published in 1991

The protagonist is a dyslexic vicar, and the book was written to benefit the Dyslexia Institute in London (now Dyslexia Action), with Dahl and Blake donating their rights The Vicar
Nibbleswicke It was first published in 1988

The story is about Matilda Wormwood, an extraordinary child with ordinary and rather unpleasant parents, who are contemptuous of their daughter's prodigious talents, and her discovery of her telekinetic abilities

The book was adapted into a film in 1996

And in 2010 it was adapted into a musical Matilda How was the reception
of the audience towards
Dahl's books and stories? Illustrations Roald Dahl
Quentin Blake Origin of
his books
and stories What inspired
him to write? Work and Style
of Roald Dahl The 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' video game was released in 1985 Links to consider

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