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Black Hawk Down!!

By: Drew Miller, Saaid Gilani, Jessica Leanne May, Tatchiyana Dunbar

Drew Miller

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Black Hawk Down!!

Argument Opposition Do you think video games should be changed to contain less violence?

Do you think video games are a trigger to violence in reality? why or why not?

Should the minimum age to watch violent movies be increased?

To what extent does the explosure to violence in media alter our morals? Disscussion Questions: Black Hawk Down!! By: Drew Miller, Jessica Leanne May,
Tachtiyana Dunbar, Saaid Gilani Virginia Tech on video games NRA Speech Topic Videogames at fault?? Real Life Examples Arora Colorado Shooting "The Joker" The movie theatre was showing
the new Batman movie at the time
of the shooting. Virginia Tech The video games and movies that are found in our generation these days are responsible for the violent shootings that are occurring. There are many cases where people who play video games lose the sense of the fiction. The video games become reality; which affect our sense perception and emotion. Knowledge Question: To what extent do video games and movies effect emotion, reason and ultimately our ability to make decisions? Everyone plays video games and watches violent movies. Our emotions are not affected.

Fantasy VS Reality
We as teens and adults should know the difference Opposition If using violent video games can initiate violence, can being around guns?
Sandy Hook Shooting Fallacy Did You Know? In 2005, the US had 2,279 murders committed by teenagers (27.9 per million residents) compared to 73 in Japan (3.1 per million). Per capita video game sales were $5.20 in the US compared to $47 in Japan. What is the Link? Chart showing the decline in violent crime offenses and increases in video game sales from 1996-2004. The violent actions taken by humans are sometimes unexplainable.
Frequently video games and movies have been blamed for school shootings, increase bullying, and violence towards women. The devastation of the lives lost
is still not fathomed at the Universty. NRA Speech Post hoc ergo procter hoc Violent video games are blamed for violent actions that occur.
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