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Pulp City Game

Battle report with images of a wargame using Pulp City Rules on a terrain table.

Robin Fitton

on 30 August 2011

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Transcript of Pulp City Game

Game Round 1
Game Round 2
Game Round 3 - 4
Skrimish Tabletop Wargame
Super Heroes and Villians battle it out
over a terrain table, using the excellent
rules from Pulp City.
Terrain Table ready for game
These Cards represent your models in the game
Action Points
which are used as
a pool of actions for
models each turn.
This game was played in the garage, it was my third game
as the villians in the Pulp City wargame. Terrain built by Alan
Winsbury with some resin items from Ainsty / Old Crow
The Super Villian line up : inrepose
Some of these are not painted fully and others are older Copplestone
models from the Future Warrior Killzone ranges. They need rebasing.
Three Hired Guns
Supreme Zed
Draku the Vampire Dog
Corrupt Cops
Super Hero line up: Darth Tater
A selection of do-gooders including some older models from the
Future Warrior range.
Dr Mercury
Iron Train
Mercury moves up behind the bin, Iron Train steams down the centre.
Supreme Zed lines up to pound the incoming freight with Sanguine in
reserve with his doggy. Tangent and Chimp Chi approach with caution.
Sanguine begins to Bloodarang his own minions, killing three hired guns.
Heroes win initiative Round 1
Beginning Turn 2, The Heroes win initiative again and Mercury pops out
of his Meld ability and charges Tangent. She survives but takes 6 damage.
Heroes win initiative Round 2
Dr Mercury Melds away behind the bin
to Surprise Tangent with a charge at the
beginning of turn2.
Tangent lurks around
the ruined wall.
Iron Train runs Supreme Zed but is out of actions to hit him. Chimp Chi
is quick to try his Ki attack on Dr Mercury and lands a few damage points.
Tangent uses a dropped Teleport to Jump back out of reach. Sanguine
kills the corrupt cops and next round, triggers his level 2 version -
"Sanguine Night"
Steam Powered Charge
Supreme Zed, counters Dr Mercury with a charge and pummel.
Does a couple of damage only on the metal man.
Zed on Mercury
Watz ya Voodoo?
Random Unrelated Image
Iron Train is
keen to punch Supreme Zed
Supreme Zed, Charges
Dr Mercury.
Chimp Chi
ready to charge
Sanguine finishes
the Corrupt Cops.
Begining Turn 3, Mercury is dropped by a pummel from Zed he takes a free strike at Iron Train but fails to land damage. Chimp Chi is hit hard 3 damage by a Droid firing. Chronin and Androida join the battle. Chronin causes some damage to Tangent.
Heroes win initiative Round 3
Darth Spuds Figure Showcase
Supreme Zed finishes Chronin with a thump and with 2 heroes down we decide to call it a fair finish with Iron Train out of coal and both Mercury and Chronin lost to punishing strikes from Supreme Zed.
Final layout shows Iron Train out of the picture with Chronin dead and Dr Mercury melted. Zed and Sanguine are a great combo.
My memory fades. I think it was round 4 that the Villians won the initiative and Sanguine uses Fang's on Iron Train, doing 8 damage and controlling him to run out of reach.
Chronin no more. Round 4
Villians win initiative Round 4
Two Heroes down we call it a day
Mercury - not rising
Chronin - out of time
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