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How to Conduct Research

Introduction to basic academic research, the Library of Congress classification system, and the Dawson Library website.


on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of How to Conduct Research

Academic Research Using Your Resources Finding a Refine Your Topic Getting Started Newspaper Articles Navigating the Library Our Subscriptions (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr 1. 2. 3. Polygamy
Mormon I
T The Record #1 Results Catalogue mormon$ AND polygamy
can be used to replace multiple characters
Mormon = Mormon
= Mormon
= Mormon $ $ s can be used to replace single characters
Wom n = Wom n
= Wom n ? ? e a Truncation Boolean ism Search by Subject Headings Library of Congress
Call Codes: BL 662
1984 Finding Journal Articles through Databases Results Journal
Database History of Mormon Polygamy Polygamy Mormon Polygamy Iceberg Polygamy Finding
Books Let your resources help you! Browse by Subject eBrary -Index/Glossary -Chapter Headings -References -Other books by the author Avoid Plagiarism -When you copy down a quote or idea, be sure to include where you found it (including the page number) -Be organized -Cite for direct AND indirect quotes -Use a citation style guide ⌘ - F By: Blair Trelinski (2013) Searching in a Book Mormon polygamy history Date Subject Terms Document Type Full Record Collect
Key Words LDS
Joseph Smith
Bountiful Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints Films on Demand or Ctrl F (mac) (PC) Movie
Subtitles Movie Title
Only Polygamy Search Results CREDO Reference Online Polygamy Off-Campus Connection Resources
& Help Just Ask! Marriage Taboo forms of Marriage Polygamy Topic Mormon Search Results: History
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