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The Wanted

It's literally ALL ABOUT 'The Wanted'. and everyone, just a reminder THEY ARE AWESOME!!!

Becky Ye

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of The Wanted

'The Wanted' was formed in 2009 and made their debut in
2010 with the album named 'The Wanted' which was
released on the 25th of October. The group consists of 5 guys... All About 'The Wanted' 'Battleground' was their next album which hit #4 in the UK charts. And #4 in Ireland. Then their next single 'Lose My Mind' peaked at #19. Their 2nd single 'Lightning' hit #2 in the charts and the 3rd single 'Warzone' was at #21. They then released Heart Vacancy which peaked at #2 in UK. Siva Kaneswaran Tom Parker Jay McGuiness Max George Nathan Sykes Their next album 'I'm Glad You Came' was #1 in the singles UK and Ireland for 5 weeks!

Here's 'I'm Glad You
Came'. Then 'Chasing The Sun' came out and it got #1 on the 'Hot Dance Club Songs' club. It's also my favourite song. Here's 'Chasing The Sun'. And this year they are releasing yet anothr album. And later they will be doing duos with LMFAO and Rita Ora.
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