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How does a nerve impulse travel through the body?

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Sofía Bianco

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of How does a nerve impulse travel through the body?

Electrical Synapse
it occurs by the transmission of electrical impulses though two neurons that are connected to each other by gap junctions
Sodium-Potassium Pump
Enzyme that helps maintain the resting potential by pumping sodium out the cell and potassium to the inside.

The way a nerve impulse travels is through action potential (inside the same neuron) and synapse (from one neuron to the other)
What is synapse?
Synapse is a structure that allows a neuron transmit an electrical/chemical impulse to another cell.
Electrical impulse is transformed into a chemical called Neurotransmitter.

This chemical is like a key, and it opens a receptor in the dendrite of the other neuron. So the ions that were in the gap between the two neurons can cross to the other neuron
Action Potential
Quick rise and fall of the a cell's electrical membrane potential, in oder to make an electric impulse travel; from the moment the impulse enters the neuron through a dendrite to the moment it leaves through the axon to go to another neuron
Chemical Synapse
How does a nerve impulse travel
through a neuron to another?
Nervous System: nerve impulse travel
In this type of synapse the electrical impulse of the neuron is converted into chemical and transmitted through the axon of the presynaptic neuron to the dendrite of the postsynaptic neuron
Resting potential
Resistance of the cell to let certain molecules diffuse, or move across the membrane towards the charge they're attracted to.
Principally, keeping a higher concentration of potassium inside the cell, and a higher concentration of sodium outside the cell.
Stages of a Nerve
Impulse Travel
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