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Career Analysis-Fire Fighter

No description

Drew Carlton

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Career Analysis-Fire Fighter

Fire Fighter As a firefighter, some of the responsibilities
you have to have is being able to know how
to supress a fire, rescue people, and be
physically fit. Education needed to be a fire fighter
is no more than having a GED. Before you become a fire fighter you have to pass written and physical exams. You also have to go to a school to where you can get your certificate as an Emergency Medical Technician. Keiser University in Florida can help you get a degree
fire science. The salary of a firefighter ranges
between $34,522-$57,670 I believe that this career will have better technology to help prevent fires or either make them go out faster than they do now in 10 years. This career is at a high demand already because of all the wildfires happening that they have to put out and people being careless of cigarettes that start fires.
Fire fighters use technolgy like radars to see when
a drought could be coming through
which could start wild fires so they could
be more prepared. A Firefighters customer is everyone like adults to children because when they go to schools to show kids a fire truck, the students are their customers. They work with other businesses when they have to order oxygen tanks and all of the gear that they have to wear when in a fire. Problems that need to be solved in this career is when they have to learn the quickest way to put a fire out or when the fire hydrant is jammed. Math is used quite a lot as a fire fighter because you have to measure how much water pressure is used while putting out a fire and you also have to measure the amount off oxygen in the tank. Working as a team is very important when you are a Fire Fighter because you have to communicate on where people are if they are trapped somewhere. Fire Fighters have to help their customers all the time when they are trying to rescue them. Some of the ethical issues you
face in this job is when you have
a team mate who is not doing what
they are supposed to be doing while
on the job.
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