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Self Care Techniques

No description

kate peace

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of Self Care Techniques

Kate Elko
Chloe Jordan
Brittany Fuller
Arrielle Gholston

Bijlefeld, M. K., & Zoumbaris, S. (2001, May). Food & You: Healthy Habits for Teens. In Western Michigan University ebrary. Retrieved April 9, 2014, from http://site.ebrary.com/lib/wmichlib/docDetail.action?docID=10005665&p00=healthy%20food

Galen, G. C. (2008). The emotional and behavioral effects of hatha yoga used as an adjunct to traditional mental health treatment for adolesecents with a range of psychiatric disorders. (Order No. 3324033, University of Hartford). ProQuest Dissertations and Theses, , 108. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com/docview/304375347?accountid=15099. (304375347).

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Self Care Techniques
What is yoga?
Prevents cardiovascular diseases
Stroke,hypertension, heart attacks
Reduces high blood pressure and blood clots
Prevents plaque build up in arteries
What can exercise do for you?
Enhances your quality of life
People tend to have fewer physical and social limitations
Extends life span, improves mental,emotional and physical functioning
Wards off depression and anxiety
Lifts mood and increases serotonin levels
Benefits of Exercise
Some Simple routines you can do in your own home
Jumping Jacks
Froward Lunges
Side Lung
Types of Exercise

Yoga originated in India around 5000 years ago

This ancient practice has become popular in the western world since the early 1900's, when introduced by Swami Vivekananda

The principles of yoga come from the Yoga Surtas of Panajali

Yoga translated as "union"

Hatha Yoga is the most commonly practiced and accessible form in the U.S.

Hatha yoga involves pranayama (breath work) asanas (poses) dyhana (meditation) and savasana (relaxation)
Yoga is effective because:

-it empowers people through self-acceptance, stress-tolerance and mental focus

-practice manifests a sense of calm, and feeling capable

- it strengthens regions of the brain that are associated with coping behaviors, stress response, goal setting etc.
What is meditation?
A procedure that allows the mind to:

Leave all thoughts behind

Experience its own inner source

Emerge refreshed


Reformed (Shear xiii)
Two Main Categories of Meditation: Shamatha

your mind

Two Main Categories of Meditation: Vipashyana
Seeing, Knowing, Transforming
Differences in Meditation Procedures
Zen Buddhist practices-

circulation of energy

Transcendental meditation-
Attention to sounds

energy centers in the body

inner feelings of love for God

Christian Centering Prayer-
Uses a word of love to stimulate receptiveness to God within
(Shear xvi)

Studies Show...

Brain functioning
Compassion for others
(Simmer-Brown xv)

Blocking information retrieved from your senses and focusing your mental energy on an object to achieve inner peace and tranquility (Simmer-Brown 13)
Ranges from basic scanning handfulness meditations to insight meditations to creative visualizing meditations (Simmer-Brown 14)

What is healthy?
Food Log
Where does it come from?
"...we're eating
too few
fruits and vegetables and
too much
fat" (Bijlefeld, Zoumbaris 75).
Super Markets, Farmers Markets, and Grocery Stores
Look at the label!
"Labels can help identify good sources of fiber, vitamins, and minerals while also helping you balance your intake of fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium" (Bijlefeld, Zoumbaris 114).
Benefits of starting a food log:
Steps to starting a food log:
set a goal
log keeping
appetite level
allergies & sensitivities
addiction buster
healthy weight
*there are other ways of making a food log, this is just one way.
Salt Bath
Stretching/ Yoga
H2O (Flushing it out!)
Cut out alcohol
Exercise more
Organically grown produce or meat
A few different ways to detox:
Why do people detox?
chemicals (drugs, alcohol)
processed foods
refined sugars
Why was there a rise in organic farming?

"...offered more natural foods produced in a safer and more environmentally sound ways" (Lockeretz 5).
There has been a growing feild of research dedicated to how yoga can be used as a therapy for a variety of mental health issues.
Self Care Techniques
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