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New Belgium Brewery

No description

Kristie Pedersen

on 4 November 2012

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Transcript of New Belgium Brewery

New Belgium Brewery History of NBB Question 3: Do you believe that New Belgium Brewing Company’s actions and
initiatives are indicative of an ethical and socially responsible corporation? Question 1: What environmental issues does NBB work to address? How do they take in a strategic approach to these issues? Why do you think that the company has chosen to focus on environmental issues? Question 2: Are New Belgium’s social initiatives indicative of strategic philanthropy? Question 4: What else could NBB do to foster ethical and responsible conduct? Core Values and Beliefs Same core values since 1991
Balance needs of the company and employees
Promote responsibility of beer consumption Above and Beyond Employee Benefits Perks at work
Bicycles and All-expense Belgium trip
Stock Option
Open-book policy
Ranked #1 place to work by Outside Online Promoting Responsibility Beer paired with food and sponsored dinners
TIPS trained at events/festivals
Beer is a median, not the message (Tour de Fat)
Pricing Strategic Philanthropy Definition:
Use of companies core competencies and resources to address key stakeholders interests
Achieve organizational/social benefits
All stakeholders
All aspects of the business
Financial and non-financial contributions New Belgium's Strategic Philanthropy Mission
To operate a profitable brewery which makes our love and talent manifest.
Cultivating potential (employees)
Committing ourselves to authentic relationships (partners)
Transcending customers expectations (customers)
Environmental Stewardship (environment) Employees
Free lunch every other week
Free massage once a year
Bring family/pets to work
Free beer at quitting time Environment
Fully wind powered brewery
Energy saving kettles
Steam condenser to heat building
Recycling center on site
Hybrid vehicles for sales people Social Aspect/Community
2.9 Million dollars to philanthropic causes
Every barrel of beer produced=$1 to philanthropic causes
Employee vacation for charitable events
Choose projects/charities that the company participates in
Host “human-powered” events Fort Collins Colorado
EST: 1991, Basement
Jeff and Kim Lebesh
Biking through Belgium Interesting tidbits Word of Mouth
$96 Million Sales, 2007
Third Largest “craft”
20 States, 2008
39% increase Fat Tire
9th Largest Brewery
Wind-powered Factory “#1 place to work”
High-protein fish
20% less water
$3.0 million in donations
1 Percent for the Planet Get employees even more involved in philanthropy work Show the critics that they take responsibility for product build the team "Ethics are not so much about the installation of compliance codes & standards as they are about the spirit in which they are integrated." -Greg Owsley, Director of Marketing, NBB Michael Fitzpatrick
Joshua Jenz
Jared Miller
Kristie Pedersen
Matt Santas Being Environmentally Conscience Minimize resource consumption
Maximize energy efficiency
Recycling Installation of Wind Turbine First entirely wind-powered brewery in the U.S.
Reduces CO2 emissions by 1,800 metric tons a year Steam Condenser Captures and reuses hot water that is used in the brewing process
Steam is redirected to heating tiles in the floors to de-ice loading docks during colder months Sun tubes are a device that captures and magnifies sunlight to light the facility, instead of using electricity Sun Tubes Reducing Motor Vehicle Emissions After being employed one year at NBB, employees receive a free bike as an incentive to ride instead of drive to work. Recycling New Belgium Brewery recycles everything they can ranging from cardboard, plastic keg caps and bottling glass
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