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Movie Idea Brainstorm

No description

Andrew Maughan

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Movie Idea Brainstorm

Andrew, Aidan, Aaron and Beardy Movie Ideas Genre Horror Action Comedy Sci-Fi Romance Fantasy Location Characters Storyline Costumes Major Events Spaceship/station Different Planet Future Earth Past Earth A Different
Dimension Horror/sci-fi Russia Brazil Action Somalia London Washigton D.C Sci-fi/horror Token Black guy Fearless Guy The final girl/ love interest The loved up couple Killer The Nerdy guy/hero The annoying guy Action Delta force leader/evil genius Delta force sergeant Private/rookie Corporal Cocky Solider Terrorists A Spaceship is traveling to a distant planet when they come across what they think is an abandoned spacestation, they go inside to investigate when their spaceship blows up killing the pilot and stranding them on the spacestation. They try to go up to the control room to fix the engineer who manages to fix a communication device, putting out a distress beacon. The remaining survivors have to survive until help arrives. sci-fi/horror Engineer Pilot A terrorist group steals plans for a super weapon and a special force unit has to stop the terrorists from destroying the world, the leader of the special force group betrays the special force unit and turns out to be the leader of the terrorist group. The remaining members of the unit have to track and stop the evil plot to destroy the world. Action SCI-FI/Horror Futuristic smart uniforms Soldiers wear army uniform and terrorists wear civilian clothing Action Sci-Fi/Horror When they come across the abandoned spacestation
When their ship is blown up stranding them on the spacestation
Sending distress beacon
people start dying
crew finds a dead body
other crew members die leaving two crew
start fighting the antagonist
kills the antagonist
gets rescued
antagonist sneaks on board Action Terrorists steal super weapon plans
Special forces unit gets the job
start tracking down and finding clues
leader betrays unit and reveals he is leader of the terrorist group
Remaining members of the unit hunts down his ex leader and kills him and saves the day
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