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Fall of the Aztec Empire Final

How smallpox destroyed the Aztec empire

Jordan Mariona

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Fall of the Aztec Empire Final

By Jordan Mariona Fall of the Aztec Empire Who Are the Aztecs? Wandering tribe
Settled in a valley called Tenochititlan that is now Mexico City.
Empire covered almost all of Mexico.
13,000 BCE - 1615 CE
Population-22 million What is Smallpox? Caused by the variola virus
Can be fatal
Starts with a rash
Turns into fluid filled blisters
Smallpox can be spread in lots of
different ways.
Any type of direct contact
Inhale the virus
Face to face contact with someone who is infected
Cats are cool-cats How Did Smallpox Devastate the Aztec People And Their Culture? When that Aztec warrior went to bed, he infected
everyone in that room. By next morning the Aztec started to get a rash followed by fluid filled blisters. Smallpox isn't just a bad case of chicken pox. In a week or two of being infected you could die. Imagine that happening to about 22 million people. Over the years of 1519-1521 that wasn't a statistic, it was reality.

The Aztecs had no clue for how to cure the disease. Their immune system could only defend virus ' that were home to the Mexico area. Smallpox didn't From 1519-1521 smallpox destroyed the Aztec
empire. Smallpox wiped out 10%-50% of their
population. Before smallpox the Aztec population
was 22 million people. After a horrible two years the population dramatically dropped to only 2 million people. The conditions were horrible. Not only were the Aztecs dying and they couldn't physically move, they were also fighting off an army that was much more powerful than them. They fought with stone spears, obsidian mallets and cloth for amour. The Spanish had horses, guns, cannons and strong steel amour. The Spanish had an obvious weapons advantage over the Aztecs. How Did Smallpox Arrive At the Aztec Empire? There was an African slave being held within
Cortes ' army who had smallpox. One of the soldiers came into contact with the slave. The solider became infected. After the solider was killed, his body was looted by an Aztec warrior. While the Aztec was looting the lifeless body he touched his skin letting the disease infect him. The Aztec had no idea that he was about to destroy his own culture. What Contributed to the Disaster? The Aztecs had no resistance because they had not developed an immunity to smallpox. The Aztecs had no medicine or knowledge for how to treat it. The city was so crowded it was impossible to keep the disease from spreading. In two months smallpox spread to all the surrounding lands around Tenochititlan (Mexico City). To add another layer to the disaster, the Aztecs were also fighting a war that they had no chance in because of the lack of modern weaponry. In 1519 the Spanish army attacked the Aztecs with Cortes leading them. The Spanish had a 80 day siege on the empire. They tried their best Civilians and warriors weren't the only people that died from the disease. Also lost were the elders and leaders who passed along their histories, language and traditions. Smallpox killed and weakened the Aztecs allowing the Spanish to defeat them. Does Smallpox Still Exist Today? October, 16th, 1977 was the worlds last
natural case of smallpox. This was in
Somalia. The last case of smallpox in Canada was in 1962. In 2001 the federal government had 365,000 doses of the vaccine on hand. Worldwide smallpox existed from 10,000 BCE to 1977. Hernando Cortes Hernando Cortes- Born in 1485, Cortes was a Spanish conqueror who lead Spanish forces that defeated the Aztec empire.
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