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Monsanto: Global Image and Commodity Chain

No description

Nick Chandler

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of Monsanto: Global Image and Commodity Chain

Hegemony and Abuse
Global Image

Commodity Chains
Image From the Outside
Image From the Inside
Public Health Threat
Distribution of GM soybeans and Roundup go hand-in-hand.
Monsanto's chemical history, and the concerns behind GMOs produce serious reservations and resentment
Deep-Seeded Corruption

Monsanto has bought many
members of Congress
Monsanto a " Sustainable Agriculture Company" working for:
next generations
Monsanto is a very nationally based company, targeting American farmers first.
"America's farmers grow more than just crops":
Grow America
Help the whole world
Monsanto new goal:
"Produce more, Conserve More, Improve Lives"
Responds to global issues such as hunger and environment destruction

This relation comes about because of the contract Monsanto makes the farmers sign when they are trying to use their patented seeds.
Monsanto then makes insane profits off the farmers because of the need to renew a contract because they cant save these seeds.
When farmers agree to us Monsanto seeds, one stipulate of the contract HEAVILY recommends to use Roundup herbicide. If they don't agree to use it, the contract is void.
Another aspect of the contract is that they cannot save seeds for the next season, or harvest seeds from the plants themselves.
Subcontracted Farms Products

Monsanto's Scientific
Technologies Behind

-"cross creating"
-offspring of two or more genetic plants
-Seed Chipping

-using living organisms to improve plant's abilities
-introduce traits such as better insect or weed control
-high-yielding corn and drought tolerant cotton
-producing more with fewer resources
Hegemony and Abuse
Monsanto's monopolistic power and abuse towards farmers has not gone unnoticed
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