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The Book Thief

No description

Sam Heckle

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of The Book Thief

The Book Thief PLOT TIMELINE Starts with Liesel, her brother and her mother on a train. While on the train, her brother dies
Liesel steals her first book, the Grave Digger's Handbook
Liesel moves to Molching
Becomes best friends with Rudy Beginning Middle Climax Characters Liesel Memiger Setting Author's Style Main Theme? Main character
she blonde haired with brown eyes, aged 10-14 throughout the book, no striking features
Is very kind Hans gives bread to a Jewish man and gets whipped
The Hubermanns feel that the Nazi Party is becoming suspicious of them, so they send Max away. Falling Action Max Vandenburg Jewish
23 years old, really skinny with hair like feathers, swampy eyes. "His mouth was open and his skin was the color of eggshells. Whiskers coated his jaw and chin, and his ears were hard and flat. He had a small but misshapen nose." -Liesel
really stubborn and not willing to go down with out a fight
really considerate and protective over Liesel. steals her second book, The Shoulder Shrug
Max comes to live with them
Max gets sick and Liesel brings presents to him everyday - gradual building of a sibling relationship Hans Finally accepted into Nazi Party and is sent to fight in the war
Liesel keeps taking books from Ilsa Hermann's library
Ilsa gives Liesel a little black book, which eventually saves her life
Liesel writes in it every night in the basement Hans Hubermann End. Liesel's foster father
plays the accordion
chain smoker
very tall
"has a quiet air around" The whole story is based in Southern Germany, just north of the city of Munich, in a town called Molching. Attitude Traits positive
really calm and clear- headed
always there for Liesel - protects her
a stagnant character - does not change throughout the book Traits Attitude The bombing of Molching destroys the entire town and everyone is killed, except Liesel
Alex Steiner returns from war
Max survives the concentration camp he was put in - Liesel and Max reunite a year after the bombing. Really changes throughout the novel --> shy and reserved to more outgoing and friendly
really emotionally strong --> her whole world dies and she bounces back Traits Attitude really negative to the situation he is in --> learns to make light of it when he becomes friends with Liesel Rosa Hubermann Death. Why? It is both fair and unfair. It happens to everyone because it's the circle of life. But sometimes, it is just too cruel. Examples time period of the book - during Nazi Germany
first scene - Liesel's brother's death
suicide of Michael Holtzapfel
even the NARRATOR is Death - author created a "person" to represent death as a living, feeling being by Eden, Sam, Sophia, and Tucker Beginning Middle Climax Falling Action Zusak uses irony to make light of serious situations
"It kills me sometimes, how people die" (464).
He is also very straight forward and leaves no room for interpretation. Rudy Steiner Alex Steiner Death Traits Attitude foster mother
swears like a sailor
face like "creased up cardboard and annoyed
bitter toward rich
short "mean cop"
grows to love Liesel like Hans does --> especially after he leaves for war Traits Attitude uses mini "bullet points" to thoroughly describe a situation In Molching, there is a street known as Himmel Straße (Heaven Street), which is the location of the Hubermann's household and the community where Liesel lives for 4 years. At the end, the whole community is bombed and only Liesel survives. Above is an example of what happened in Berlin, and the exact same happened to Molching blonde
Liesel's best friend
bony legs, sharp teeth, gangly blue eyes, considered crazy
Jesse Owens is is idol
Becomes more mature throughout the book member of the Nazi party
Rudy's dad
protective Traits Attitude doesn't hate Jews or anybody
only joined Nazi party because it protected his family Traits Attitude sarcastic
straight forward
sympathetic for humans stagnant --> doesn't change
accepts reality
sometimes feels guilty about taking the loved ones The book takes place in the time period of World War II. During this time, many were killed and places destroyed. Fear became the new lifestyle; people were afraid of themselves.
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