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A geat book with drama, romance, action and if you are cra cra (like me) you will love this book so much. ENJOY! i know i did.

tania m

on 19 June 2014

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Transcript of Stargirl

Character Study
The End

Stargirl was very different from anyone else you would ever meet. She had straight blonde hair that fell to her shoulders and green eyes. She wore white dresses and sat alone. Stargirl was outgoing. During lunch time she would sing “Happy Birthday” and strum her ukillari to make everyone feel special, not knowing that it embarrasses them. The more you get to know Stargirl she with either get weirder or more fun. Once the school learns more about Stargirl, she makes the cheerleading squad, and everyone came to the games to see her. She was always happy so it was the perfect thing for her. On the other hand, once Leo gets to know her she doesn’t act any different. Leo loves that about her. Sadly, the closer they get the more different Stargirl becomes. Throughout the book more people at school start to become jealous of Stargirl and begin hating her for other reasons. So Stargirl changes. She decides to change her whole personality into “Susan Caraway” just for Leo since he started to dislike Stargirl for her. Stargirl thinks that she has to change who she is just to make everyone happy. She is generous and kind. When Stargirl realizes that she should be herself she is as happy as she could ever be. She decides to move away and start a new life where she can be accepted as “Stargirl Caraway”. She is compassionate even when Leo is the one who should change for her. Through thin and thick, she could still stay true and be herself.
Character traits
Text to self:
Text to media:
Stargirl changed her personality into “Susan Caraway” instead of Stargirl just to make Leo happy and so that he wouldn’t be embarrassed around her. During these few days of being Susan everyone accepted her like that, but not as Stargirl. Her true self just wasn’t good enough for them. Susan pretended to be happy, even when she hated herself this way. This reminded me of a book where a girl changes what she wears and what she looks like just to fit in. This girl went from being a nerd to being popular. Like Stargirl went from unique to popular really fast.

This connection helps me understand how Stargirl may have felt while being Susan. When I compare these two people I can see how they both really felt and how differently they react when changing their personality.
Text to world:
Text within text:
By: Hailey, Tess, Olivia, Rachel, and Caidyn
Event #1
Book Cover
Journal Entries
Event #2
Event #3
Event #4
Event #5
Event #6
Event #7
Event #8
Event #9
Event #10

Stargirl will be herself, no matter what the cost. Hillari Kimble could get anything her way, expect with Stargirl.

Stargirl always sang “Happy Birthday” to people on their birthday. She wants to make everyone feel special on their special day, not knowing that it embarrasses them. When Hillari threatens Stargirl not to sing “Happy Birthday” to her, Stargirl isn’t scared. On Hillari’s birthday Stargirl walks toward her table at lunch (like always on a birthday), but turns toward Leo’s table. She starts singing “Happy Birthday” to him, but saying Hillari’s name at the end of the song! It was true! Stargirl didn’t sing to Hillari. She sang to Leo.

This event is important to the story because this is the moment when Hillari grows a hatred towards Stargirl that goes on for the rest of the book.
#1. What is the biggest similarity between Lakeview and the school in your book?
A= The biggest similarity between Lakeview and the school in the book is that at Lakview we all all different and we all stand out just like Stargirl in the book.
#2. What is the biggest difference between Lakeview and the school in the book?
A= The biggest difference between Lakeview and the school is the book is that at Lakeview we all have our own opinions. For example, if Stargirl came to our school we would all welcome her.
Why do you think this book was
Included in Literature Circles?
If we could change something about this book, what would it be?
Who would we recommend this book to?

One of Stargirl’s strongest personality traits is that she is eccentric. She is weird and out of place compared to ‘normal people’s’ standards. For example, in the book she doesn’t wear makeup, as oppose to the majority of the other students in the school.
A few other traits that I would use for Stargirl are confident and carefree, (or at least in the beginning). I say this because in the start of the book, she dresses the she wants, and acts the way she wants, she even sings and play ukulele whenever she feels like it. If it were me I would probably be at least slightly embarrassed, which Stargirl shows no signs of. To me this shows confidence in herself, and that she couldn’t care less about what people think of her.
However, near the last half of the book, after Stargirl has changed to Susan, she shows that she is self-conscious. Especially when she is shopping with Leo and picking out clothes. She makes up this person named Evelyn Everybody, who represents the kids from school, who are judging her. She constantly asks “Would Evelyn like this? Would Evelyn do this?” This shows that she cares about what everyone thinks about her and how she acts, dresses, etc. This is definitely a huge change in personality, and shows that bullying and your actions, big or small, really can affect others in a huge way.
Physical Description:
Individual Questions

What have you learned by reading this book? Did the book make you think about anything in your own life differently?
What have you learned by reading this book? Did the book make you think about anything in your own life differently?
What have you learned by reading this book? Did the book make you think about anything in your own life differently?
They were the unexpected couple. Throughout the book, Stargirl and Leo had some feelings for each other. Not knowing for sure what it meant until their first date.

Stargirl invited Leo over for dinner. He was really excited and couldn’t say no. That night Leo saw Stargirl’s room and noticed that it’s not as crazy as he might have thought. Her parents greeted him kindly. He told them about him and they made some jokes along the way. Of course he was nervous, but still didn’t know why. After dinner, Leo and Stargirl went outside and talked for a while. Next thing they knew they were lost in each others eyes and had their first kiss. They finally knew what these feeling meant, and they were happy about it.

This event is important to the story because this is when they are finally certain what they were feeling.
What have you learned by reading this book? Did the book make you think about anything in your own life differently?
After school one day, Stargirl walked up to Leo and asked him if he believed in enchanted places. Leo told Stargirl that he had never thought about it, so Stargirl said that she would show him one. They walked for a long time and Leo realized that it was where he had followed Stargirl to one day.

Eventually, they stopped and Stargirl told Leo that they were at the enchanted place. Stargirl and Leo sat down and Stargirl told Leo to do nothing. Stargirl explained to Leo how hard it is to do nothing, then Leo tried. They sat in the enchanted place with their eyes closed for a long time. When Leo opened his eyes Stargirl was standing, smiling. It was evening, so Leo and Stargirl went home.
What have you learned by reading this book? Did the book make you think about anything in your own life differently?
Stargirl and Leo did not go to The Ocotillo Ball together, Stargirl went alone. Leo didn’t go to The Ocotillo Ball, but he watched from his bike. Even though Stargirl didn’t have a date for the ball, she danced during all of the songs. She was still being shunned by everyone. Eventually a boy named Raymond Studemacher came up to Stargirl and danced with her. Everyone was surprised that it was Raymond who danced with her because most people didn’t even know who he was. Everybody was calling him Raymond something. Later everyone found out that it was Raymond’s date who suggested that Raymond dance with Stargirl. After Stargirl was done dancing with Raymond she went up to the DJ, Guy Greco, and asked him to play the bunny hop. Before everyone knew it Stargirl was leading a line of people dancing to the bunny hop around the tennis courts. Almost everyone was joining the line. Some of the only people who didn’t join in were Hillari Kimble and Wayne Parr. When the song ended, everyone yelled in protest, so Guy Greco turned it back on. The line kept on dancing around all of the tennis courts until they left the courts altogether. They went onto the golf course. Eventually they left the golf course and went into the darkness. When they were gone Hillari Kimble walked up to Guy Greco and demanded that he turn on regular music, but he didn’t change the song. Even though he hadn’t changed the music, Hillari and Wayne tried to dance to the bunny hop. Hillari yelled at Wayne to do something about the music. Nobody knew how long the line of dancers had been gone, but everyone agreed that it felt like hours. When the dancers finally got back to the tennis courts, Guy Greco let the song play for a few more minutes before turning it off. When the song ended Hillari walked up to her and said, “You ruin everything!” Then she slapped stargirl. Stargirl kissed Hillari on the cheek, and was gone in seconds. That was the last time that they ever saw Stargirl.

This event is important to the story because it was the day that Stargirl left. It was also the day that most of the students stopped shunning Stargirl. That’s important because the shunning was a big part of the story.
Text to Text:
First Day of School
Hillari's Birthday Song
Hot seat Interview
With Stargirl
Visit to the Enchanted Place

Dear Diary,

Hey, Stargirl again. I kind of had a bad day today. It's been exactly a year since I’ve seen Leo. When I moved, I thought that I would eventually just get over him, that my feelings for him would just slowly fade away. But my feelings for him have blossomed and I miss him so much.

I think about him every minute of every day. I just want to see him, or even call him, but I know I can’t. If I do that I wont be able to let him go again. All I ever wanted was to say “goodbye”. I could have done it, and I really wanted to, but I didn’t, and I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because if I said goodbye, it would mean I would never see him again, and there would be no hope for us at all.

I know I need to get over him, but how can I just forget about him. I feel like a balloon, expanding more and more, and every day is a new breath of air causing more pain. But I feel like if I don't hear from him, I’m going to explode. Or maybe it’s the other way around. Maybe when I do hear from him, that's when I’ll explode.

And I know he has probably already moved on. In fact, he must have girls practically throwing themselves at him. But I can't help having feelings for him.

Oh Diary! I don’t know what to do. If I don't figure this out soon, I’m going to explode.


Book Review
In my opinion, Stargirl was very well written and a great novel. I liked how the author made Stargirl’s character who she is. She is such a creative character that I would want to read more about some day. I also liked the relationships in the book and how they managed everything that was going on when being bullied and how they handled it. This is a book that made me excited to read the sequel (Love, Stargirl). If I were rating this book I would give it 4 out of 5 stars.
If I could change anything about this book, I would add some mystery, and some humour. While reading the book I always had questions about some mystery with Stargirl. Stargirl was mysterious in different ways, but she didn’t have a big secret. During the book there were mysterious things about Stargirl, but they were never answered. I would have wanted some more humour in the book as well. I thought that this book was very serious, which isn’t a bad thing. I think to make it a bit more interesting, Leo should have been funny at times to cheer Stargirl up or to get her in a happy mood when she was down.

Dear Journal,

Hey, Stargirl again. Wow, I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since I’ve talked to you. I was just cleaning out my room in Minnesota when I found this journal in the back of my closet. Before I found this journal I’ve been sending Leo emails instead of love letters from this. Now I can get back to sending him messages to old fashion way.

I really miss Leo. The last time I saw him was last Summer. I thought that a long distance relationship wouldn’t be this difficult. Don’t worry. a few years ago he apologized for choosing popularity over the real me. These days me and Leo see each other in the summer and on holidays, but it’s not the same as before.

I’m thinking that I need to say goodbye to Leo. This long distance thing just isn’t working. We’re in different places and it’s just to hard to communicate with him. The two of us are just so different. If I don’t do this soon, I’m going to explode.

I know that wherever he is right now that he is probably thinking the same thing. I always try not to think about doing this, but I know I have to. I have to let him go.

Wish me the best of luck,

Reading this book made me think that I don’t need to fit in to be happy. It made me remember that I should just be myself. You can tell a lot about a person by the different ways they treat you. Stargirl couldn’t notice these changes so she changed her personality. I know that I’m never going to change my personality to make anyone be friends with me. Stargirl didn’t know who her friends were until she stayed true to herself. I know who my friends are since I will stay true to myself. This book definitely made me think about my life differently and how I should be myself.

The character of stargirl reminds me of my inner self. throughout the book I started to understand and relate more to her situations and how she choose to fix them. I Also started to feel her different moods, in sad, happy, or romantic moments. She dealt with things that I would do with people I was very, very, very comfortable with. If Stargirl was a real person i would probably view her as a great leader just like her friend Dorie Delson told about her.

Stargirl is very brave. Just like in my inner personality, I am not afraid to do things that I want to. Stargirl made the first move with Leo. In my inner personality i would do that as well unfortunately my nerves get the better and my outer personality is shown instead. She even is not afraid to tell everyone this and can do it with complete confidence. She does not care what other think. she is independent.

She also teaches others how to be confident like this. She teaches them to be themselves. She does not need a big presentation or have to teach a lesson like in class. All she needs to do is be herself and help and support others to be there self as well.She definitely taught me a lot on to teach people all of these things she has to be a caring person. This is something that i can relate to in my outer personality as well. I know that i care for others. And when they need help how to be my inner self. Now all these people including me can be great independent people.

Ask for help from me, i will do the best i can to aid them with their difficulties.

And last but not least stargirl is a definitely a rebel to Mica High. She completely changed the school with help of friends and enemies. Now Mica High will never be the same after stargirl. She has changed the life of many just as i hope to do one day.

Stargirl’s inner personality shines bright!


Archie a character in the book stargirl, He is a close friend of stargirl.(Stargirl probably sees him as family.) Considering he taught her for a big number of years before she went to Mica. He is an important character in this book. and has a strong relationship with stargirl.

He always tried his best to make her happy or to at least help her as much as he could. In my opinion he is like a father to stargirl “the one man a girl can trust in her life”.he raised her to be who she is. and to aked the way she does. like in my connection archie was a teacher to stargirl once. he taught her how to have confidence in yourself and to believe that you can do anything not caring what other people think. Archie collects bones and strokes them like they are his pet. but does he care what people think. As long as someone cares about him he is happy. And he raised stargirl to be like that to.

He is also a supporting friend to stargirl. Like many friends he is by her side in the fun and happy times and in the sad and boring times.In the book he seems to help stargirl out a lot. Giving her some great advice and supporting her when she was blue.Like a true friend does. He supports her, helped, and made her smile. Just because leo was not what she expected does not mean she does not have someones shoulder to lean on.

In Stargirl and Cinnamons relationship, it was not what you would think it would be with a girl and a rat. Cinnamon was kind of like a brother to stargirl. being an only child she did not have many people in the hose to play with. However she had a rat. as different as this seems, Because of Cinnamons intelligence it was almost like he was 45 inches high, and talking to you in a childish voice. He was a more loyal kind of brother not as much fights I would think. But nonetheless a good brother. Like archie he supported her (stargirl needed a lot of that) he defended her and definitely made her smile.

Ocotillo Ball
First Date / First Kiss
Shunning / Bullying Begins
Stargirl Changes To Susan
Speech Finals
Stargirl Moves Away
Everyone comes back to school with a surprise awaiting them, the new girl in school. She is confident, outgoing, bubbly, and the one thing that nobody can understand: Different. Stargirl Caraway wasn’t like the other girls. She wears no makeup at all. She carries a ukulele on her back. She sings happy-birthday to everyone.

Leo is entering the 11th grade. At first, this new girl is just a rumor. Until lunch time, when she plays her ukelele for everyone to hear. Everyone is talking about this new 10th grader, who had been homeschooled up until now. There are even rumors that she is just a fake person sent in by the school. She’s too weird for anyone to talk to, sit with, or even be too close to. Whenever Leo sees or hears about her, he acts differently.

This event is extremely important because this is where we learn about Stargirl; Leo; the feelings, opinions and reactions of the school; and where the entire story starts off.
As the days pass, Leo and Stargirl are too much in a love haze to even notice that no one is acknowledging them. But as the haze begins to fade, it hits Leo, like a punch in the stomach. He starts to realize that nobody talks to him, or even looks at him. At lunch time he asks Kevin if it is true, and Kevin confirms it for him. The entire school is shunning the Happy Couple - with the exception of Kevin and two of Stargirls friends.
Although Leo is grateful that he has one friend by his side, he is still confused. Why would anybody do this?
It was all mostly because Stargirl decided to cheer for the other teams too. They blame her for their loss.
This doesn’t really seem to affect Stargirl, in fact she doesn’t even seem to notice.
This is also extremely important to the story because this where one of the most dramatic and serious events take place. This where the emotions and feelings really start to change.
the theme for this literature circles was bullying. in this book stargirl is the victim of the bullying. however i am sure every story the victim fixes their problems with another theme, this would be "confidence" stargirl used confidence to overcome the bullies in this story and that is why anyone who is bullied should read this book and do what stargirl did to get out of their situation.

I really enjoyed Stargirl. I thought it was really well-written and a must-read for teens. I think that everyone who reads this should prepare to be hooked. I believe that so many people (including myself and my group members) will appreciate and relish this book because it is so relatable. I know that so many people can relate to this book because almost everyone has been bullied and also because so many people struggle with trying to fit in and try to change the way they act, dress, look, and more just to fit in and to feel like they belong, just like Stargirl eventually ended up doing in this book. This book also has a great and inspiring message. I feel like everyone could learn something from reading this book, whether it’s to be yourself, or not to judge a book by it’s cover, or anything else. I highly recommend this book.
If I could change something else, I would change Archie. I would either put more in detail about him, or just get rid of him. I found Archie’s character really confusing and I didn’t think he was that important. I would also change the ending a little bit. I would make Stargirl say goodbye to Leo because I think it would make readers want to read the next book even more. I think it would also add intensity and a little bit of sadness.
When Stargirl is at the ocotillo ball and she starts doing the bunny hop, almost everyone joined in. This reminds me of when the students first started shunning Stargirl, and how no one payed attention to her at all. I think it’s crazy how at the ball they all of a sudden start to pay attention and even join in on a dance with her.
I learned that it is extremely important to stay true to myself and to never be ashamed of who I am. Stargirl didn't always do that. After the shunning and bullying Stargirl decides to change her name, her look, and she feels bad being her real self. I know I will never do that.
I also learned to never judge a book by its cover. Every one judged Stargirl because she wore no make-up, and she dressed differently. Although she was considered "different", she was actually a really great person. I think the other student didn't like her partly because of her appearance.
This book definitely make me think twice about judging someone, because just because someone might look or seem different or bad, doesn't mean they're not actually a bad person.

After Susan advanced to the next level in the speech finals with an amazing improved speech she called “I Might Have Heard a Moa.” which was a combination of really different things like Barney the skull, Cinnamon, the death of the sun, a man sitting on a bench, silver lunch trucks, enchanted places, and lots of other details. that she somehow put together so it made perfect sense. She was at the final round of the speech finals. just like the other speech she had no idea what she was going to say all she knew was that she was going to have to make it up on the spot.

she has a big dinner and heads to the speech with her family Leo and the teacher. After many average speeches past her name was called “Susan Caraway” The voice called as she stood up and carefully made her way through the crowd of people. When she came up on stage she stood there looking out into the crowded room thinking of what to say. “Hi my name is Susan Caraway” it started it was like her talks with Archi on the front porch, her conversations with people she did not know, and her sweet speeches with Leo in the enchanted place, all rolled into one.

She waved the topics like she was sewing a blanket each string filled with words. When she finished the speech with “can you hear it” the room was silent. 1,2,3 the crowd explodes into cheer everyone out of their seats screaming, whistling, and clapping until they could not feel there hands. Some even sobbing of happiness. Who knew that such a simple speech could do so much and fill each and every heart that heard it with loads of love.

Now all that was left for Susan was big surprise welcome back at the school, Or so she hoped there would be.

Then Stargirl finds Dori waiting for her on the bike. The quirky pair ride off together. No one from school ever sees Stargirl again. This is because stargirl has moved away. Just like her name Mica school did not fit any more and she had to leave. leo misses her, dori misses her everyone misses her and stargirl misses everyone. Stargirl doesn't even finish the school year. She just vanishes into thin air. “star people” Archie says. By "star people" he means people that are so different that you can't really figure them out. Archie explains that we are all made of the same basic elements, the same ancient stuff. Even Barney the skull is made of it. He believes that every once in a while a person comes along who is more connected to these old elements, someone who is more connected to the past. and that was star girl. May she always shine in through all the people she knew and touched, and may she give them a light to lead them along the dark road. She changed them.

If I could change anything in this book I would change the personality of Leo. In the book leo is a big jerk to stargirl always caring about himself, not standing up for her, hiding in shame and not looking at her, and avoiding her a lot. He does not realize how lucky he was to have a girl like that until she was gone.

There are lots of happy moments when they are together, but unfortunately there are more sad and mean ones.

He does not go to the dance with her after all that they did he did not even come join he just sat on his bike and started from a distance.

One of the biggest mean moments was when he told her to change who she was, to become normal. She loved him so much she did that for him. But he was still selfish. Like a little boy wanting more and more chocolat. he wanted her to be someone she was not he was not in love with her he was in love with Susan. he was not a great boyfriend, but he thought stargirl a lesson. to not judge someone by their looks because there personality can be mean, and to be who you are no matter what others say.

I think Leo should have had a inner personality like Stargirl's and throughout the book she would bring it out of him and he would be a better person by the end and stargirl and leo would live happily ever after.

This way the book would not be a sad love story with a sad ending it would be a happy love story with a happy ending.

dear journal

It has been so long i mean I remember missing a month from writing in you when I was in grade 9 but that was because I was super busy. This has been what 20 years now. Well let me tell you what happened in those 20 years.

I went to college with leo. You know him the one i was madly in love with in grade 9. Anyway we started dating each other and we ended up getting married. He became a movie director and I work as a psychiatrist. Helping people boost their confidence more. we now have 3 kids who are right now named Twinkle, Diamond,and Starboy. We live in a very nice house out in the middle of the desert.and we travel a lot never parking on the same place as Leo or mr. Caraway says.

We all love our new life in fact today was our high school runnin. I saw hillary who just came back from jail with two security guards on her sides. I knew she was going to have a bad future. Dorie was there as well she actually lives across the road from us but we had not seen her over the weekend she is married to kevin who is now a host for a show called wipeout. i had so much fun and so did leo. Everyone did the bunny hop a the song we had to dance to.

i am just so glad i am an adult now and all of that crazy drama is behind me.

I learned a lot from this book not only on how to be myself and be like stargirl who was completely confident .

I learned what are society in high schools are really like. Not like things we see in movies, like they want to do bad things or make wrong decisions all the time. However I learned that they always have a head leader, whether they are nice good or bad they seem to rule the school like in movies. i also learned how they treat people. And how their lifes work. unfortunately since the book was forecast on stargirls life homework and things did not get into the picture on how there life works but I know it is not easy being a teenager and they have all the right to have a break down every once in a wiel. They also always seem to need a boyfriend or girlfriend for entertainment or to block out the bad. but in this story it was real love.

I learned about Wisdom and Knowledge as well. how to make the right decisions depending on yourself not others. “pay attention and ask the right questions.” and this will make you the teacher the one with the real knowledge. i always thought that i needed to study hard and to do extra work to be super successful but the truth is all we have to do is pay attention.

i learned what a true friend acts like. Stargirl is definitely a great friend to have. She is interested in others, a giver, not a taker, loyal, a positive person, Appreciate the differences in others, open, honest, and real. from her i might become a better friend.

I learned about love. as awkward as this is i learned about relationships which i have a lot to learn about. like sheldon. From this book i may do better in a relationship.

And of course i learned about Identity. How to be myself and to stand out.

I loved this book so much. I know I have wanted to read it for a while now. I wanted to read this book because one of my friends had suggested it and gave me a quick summary on how it changed her personality and life and how she truly enjoyed it. Because of Literature circles I was able to read it.

My favorite part in this book was when Leo and Stargirl were in their enchanted place. I like this part because it is something i would love to do with my mom or friends or even by myself. However I would find somewhere far away from town and people and I would scream at the top of my lungs when I had a bad day and talk to myself or friends when I am happy. so I would more call it a let out feelings place.

From this book i learned that I should not care what other people think about me if i like me I am ok. i should not care if I am not the prettiest girl in the school or not the best athlete in gym class, I should be proud of who I am. well sure I can improve myself but has to something I want not what others want.

This book will definitely change my personality. For example if I do something embarrassing I will wipe it away and keep walking forward. Or if I really want to do something I will wash away my fears and do it.

I hope my inner personality will shine.



Stargirl and Leo were very close. In the beginning of the book Leo found Stargirl very interesting. He followed her places a couple of times. They started dating and they kissed. Stargirl took Leo places and showed him how to do things and play the games that she had made up. Stargirl and Leo loved spending time together. The problem with this relationship was that Leo tried to change Stargirl and get her to be normal. Stargirl didn’t notice that they were being shunned and she didn’t really care when Leo pointed it out to her. The only reason she did try to change was because Leo asked her to.

Hillari didn’t like Stargirl but Stargirl was always trying to be nice to her. Hillari never seemed to like Stargirl. When Stargirl first came to the school, Hillari tried to convince everyone that Stargirl was an actress, and maybe not even a student. Everyone loved Stargirl in the beginning anyway. Hillari threatened to drop Stargirl’s rat, Cinnamon, and she told Stargirl not to sing happy birthday to her on her birthday. Stargirl sung happy birthday to Hillari anyway. Hillari also turned everyone against Stargirl, mostly when she was on the hot seat. At the end of the book, Hillari slapped Stargirl in the face and Stargirl kissed Hillari on the cheek. Stargirl wanted Hillari to like her, but she never did. I think Hillari didn’t like Stargirl because she was jealous of all of the attention that she was getting.

Stargirl reminds me of a commercial that I saw about bullying. It reminds me of Stargirl because in the book she was hated for being who she was, and the person in the commercial was dealing with the same thing. I thought this was important because that was the main issue in the book.

I thought that Stargirl was a very well written book and it was very creative. I also think that it had a very good message. I liked it because it was enjoyable to read and it interested me.


Dear journal,

Today I went to an enchanted place, I thought about when Leo and I went to my old enchanted place. I miss Leo, but i’ve been sending him letters. I started sending him letters as soon as I got to my new house after I left Mica. He’s sent me one letter in return. He said that he missed me, and told me about what’s going on in his life now. I went back to being homeschooled, I like it much better. Nobody judges me, and everyone loves me where I live now. I hope that they don’t turn on me like the other students at Mica High did. Everyone thought that I was weird there. I didn’t really notice it until Leo pointed it out to me. I wish that he hadn’t asked me to change myself. I’m glad that I decided to be myself again. I decided to go back to being myself when there was nobody waiting to congratulate me when I got back from the speech finals. I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up. I thought that there would be a big celebration, and that maybe people would start to like me again. I think that they did start liking me again when I was at The Ocotillo Ball. That was one of my favourite memories of living in Mica. Everyone followed me around doing the bunny hop. I might have stayed in Mica if Hillari hadn’t slapped me, i’ll never understand why she did that. I just wanted her to like me.

I’m happy that I left Mica. I love where I live now, and as I said before nobody judges me. They actually like me. I do miss Mica, I think that I miss Leo and Archie the most. I miss the enchanted place, and walking around Mica with Leo. The only bad part of living in Mica was school. Everything else that I did it Mica was amazing.



This book made me think about how people care about what others think. This is because Stargirl didn’t care about what others thought and didn’t even notice that people were shunning her. Leo cared that people were shunning them and he wanted Stargirl to be normal. When Stargirl realized that people were shunning her she did care because Leo cared. This book also teaches you to not worry about what others think and to just be yourself. This is because everyone except for Hillari liked Stargirl by the end of the book. Also, it was because of Hillari that everyone turned against Stargirl in the first place.

Will interviewing Stargirl on “Hot Seat” satisfy everyone’s crave…

"Hot Seat" takes place on a stage in their studio at the school. One of the chairs has flames painted on the legs (get it? hot seat?) and one regular ol' chair for Kevin, the interviewer.They have chairs off to the side for a "jury." Of course this isn't a real jury. No one is on trial. Instead, their job is to ask tough questions. Nosy and embarrassing questions are acceptable. Mean-spirited or hurtful questions are forbidden. They expect much higher numbers of viewers for Stargirl's episode. But Leo has a secret: he hopes no one will watch the episode because Stargirl has lost a lot of her popularity lately. He's worried that the show may turn ugly. When it’s time for the episode. Stargirl and the jury come in. Leo notices that the faces of the jury are grim and that Hillari is on the jury. Not good. The interview starts with Stargirl asking Kevin if he would like to hold her rat, Cinnamon, and he does. It was the greatest moment in the history of "Hot Seat," but they would never be able to air it because of what was going to happen next. As Leo predicted it got ugly really fast, the jury was throwing questions all over the place and at the rate this was going Stargirl was going to lose her popularity. Do you think you are a traitor to the United States of America? Why go to someone’s funeral if you don’t even know them? Why do you cheer for both teams at our football games? Why buy a bike for a kid who almost died by riding one? These are the questions that were asked but at the same time with a touch of screaming. Before Stargirl could get one word out the show was cut.

This event is important to the story because later in the book Stargirl slowly starts to lose her popularity, then everyone grows to hate Stargirl and then they start to shun her.

Who will she chose Stargirl or Susan...
Leo is second guessing his relationship with Stargirl. Leo knows that he likes Stargirl but is it worth his existence. Now that Leo is with Stargirl everyone is shunning Leo. Leo would do anything just just to make sure people are still going to talk to him if only they could acknowledge him. The shunning didn’t seem to bother Stargirl which bothered Leo. Leo realized that people started shunning Stargirl because she was different she definitely stood out and i think that is why everyone was shunning her because she saw things differently for example: Cheering for both teams at the basketball games. People would see this as Stargirl doesn’t know that she only cheers for her school team but Stargirl would see this as cheering for both teams would be to show good sportsmanship and making everyone happy. I think this is one of Stargirl’s best qualities. Although Leo see’s this he chooses popularity over Stargirl. The next time he see’s Stargirl he tells her that if she wants to be with him she has to change into a normal day to day tennager. After that Leo didn’t see Stargirl for two days but when he saw her Leo didn’t even recognize her. She dropped the movie clothes, the sunflower canvas bag, Cinnamon and surprisingly her name. Now she goes by Susan. Leo was satisfied at last with his relationship with Stargirl…Susan but will this transformation be enough for Leo.

This event is important to the story because this event determines later in the book if the shunning will stop, if Leo will like Stargirl or Susan and if Susan will last till the end of the book.
In the book Stargirl stands out from others in a good way. She is unique and has some inspirational qualities. Stargirl doesn’t realize that she stands out, she is just trying to be herself. However everyone at school thinks she’s an attention craver because she is different. What would the world be like if we were all the same if we wore the same clothes, had the personalities, we all looked the same and acted the same. It would be pretty predictable and boring. Having friends who are different and stand out are friends who will make you laugh when you cry and will keep your smile alive. Standing out and expressing ourselves is what makes us unique. Stargirl is a perfect example of putting herself out there then not being excepted which sends her back, this doesn't seem to bug Stargirl but this happens all over the world. A good example of this is: A new kid at school wants to make friends she puts herself out there by saying hi but then once everyone see’s that she is different they think it a bad thing and think she’s weird and then doesn’t want to be friends with her. If they would have thought before they acted they would have considered that having a friend who is different and outgoing wouldn’t be bad. This is similar to what happened in the book with Stargirl, she put herself out there and then got crushed. What do you think would happened if people would have excepted Stargirl for who she is instead of who she isn't. Being different is something you want to have and not ignore. It’s how we can tell people apart.
For days, I was tangled in the pages of Stargirl, a book written by Jerry Spinelli. I sat on my bed and couldn't stop reading. Spinelli doesn't drag you from chapter to chapter — he has you running to catch up. All the part of the book, were effective and easy to understand. I liked how all the characters seemed so real and it was really easy to connect my experiences to the characters in the book, this helped me to relate and understand the characters feelings as well as my own. From the book, I’ve learned that you have to like people for who they are inside and not just because of how they look. I was inspired by Spinelli, because his goal was to get a message across by reading this book and it certainly did, this book really touched my feelings and made me realize that it's okay to be who you are, to express yourself the way you feel and that it's your life so ignore everyone who interferes and just live it. You have to like people for who they are inside and not just on the outside. Stargirl will forever inspire people. I am glad we read this for our literature circles. I will forever love Stargirl.
She was different all right, and I would recommend Stargirl to anyone because the book is different, too. Especially, the people who feel that they are different from the majority. The book will benefit those who are seen as weird. It’s alright to be different and weird, it's what separates us from the group, it's a part of us and it's who we are. It also appeals to bullies. This book sends a powerful message to both the victim and bully. I think the people who see other people as weird should just keep their comments to themselves and except them for who,they are instead I'd modifying them into something their not. Stargirl didn't have any adventure or big action scenes, but I still couldn't put the book down. The writing is radiant, and the characters seem so real. Everyone is different, and everyone has a Stargirl inside of them. Reading this book, the Stargirl that's in you will come out.

She must choose...

Stargirl or Susan

Visibility or Invisibility

Leo or Life

Leo Borlock follows the unspoken rule at Mica Area High School: don't stand out—under any circumstances! From the day she arrives at quiet Mica High in a burst of color and sound, hallways hum “Stargirl.” She captures Leo Borlock’s heart with one smile. She sparks a school-spirit revolution with one cheer. The students of Mica High are enchanted. Until they are not. But as the delicate scales of popularity suddenly shift, and Stargirl is shunned for everything that makes her different. Somewhere in the midst of Stargirl's arrival and rise and fall, normal Leo Borlock has tumbled into love with her. Leo urges her to become the very thing that can destroy her - normal. In a celebration of nonconformity, Jerry Spinelli weaves a tense, emotional tale about the fleeting, cruel nature of popularity—and the thrill and inspiration of first love. In this story about her journey, the courage of being different, and the crave for visibility, an eccentric student named Stargirl changes Mica High School forever. Everyone has a Stargirl inside of them. Reading this book, the Stargirl that's in you will come out.

“Dare to be different”

Dear Journal,

I can’t believe this. I just found you in my eleventh grade box, it’s been awhile since i wrote to you so I think I should tell you what has happened over the past fifteen years. Leaving off from my last entry... When I returned next time, someone else was living in Archie’s house. The shed out back was gone. So was Senor Saguaro. And a new elementary school now occupies Stargirl’s enchanted place. Since graduating, our class has a reunion every five years, but I haven't yet gone. I stay in touch with Kevin. He never left Mica, has a family there now. Like me, he did not wind up in television, but he does make good use of his gift of talking: he’s an insurance salesman. Kevin says when the class gathers for reunions at the Mica Country Club, there is much talk of her and curiosity as to her whereabouts. He says the most common question these days is “Where you on the bunny hop?” At the last runnion several classmates, for a prank, lined up, hands to waist, and hopped around the field, but it wasn’t the same without her. I can’t even hardly say the name Stargirl, I can’t even explain it it just feels like someone is jabbing knifes into my stomach. Kevin says that it wasn’t my fault about what happened between us because I was just a kid at the time, but am I not in control of the same body and mind as I was in the eleventh grade. I am still ashamed of my actions as a “kid” I was selfish, coarse and subjective. That’s enough about me so let’s continue with everyone else. No one is quite sure what happened to Wayne Parr, except that he and Hillari broke up shortly after graduation, The last anyone heard, he spoke of joining the Coast Guard. Today’s Electron marching band is probably the only one in Arizona with a ukulele. On the basketball court, the Electrons have never come close to the success they enjoyed when I was a junior. But something that season has resurfaced in the recent years that baffles fans from other schools. At every game, when the opposing team scores its first basket, a small group of electrons fans jumps to their feet and cheers. Meanwhile, there have been some new traditions at the high school: (1) There is a club called the Sunflowers. Each member pledges to do at least one nice thing for another person a day. (2) At every basketball game, the home team cheers for the first basket scored by the opposing team. When I heard about these traditions I realized Stargirl hasn't just changed my life but for Mica High to the decades that come. Each time I visit Mica, I drive past her old house. On the most recent visit, I saw a red-haired young man across the street, fixing water skis to the roof of a yellow Volkswagen Beetle. It must have been Peter Sinowitz. I wondered if he was as possessive of his Beetle as he has been of the banana roadster. I wondered if he was old enough to love his scrapbook. As for me, I throw myself into my work as a set designer, and I remember. I sometimes walk in the rain without an umbrella. When I see change on the sidewalk, i leave it there. If no one’s looking, I drop a quarter. I feel guilty when I buy a card from Hallmark. I listen for mocking birds. I read the newspapers. I read them from all over. I skip the front pages and headlines and go to the pages in the back. I read the community sections and the fillers. I see little acts of kindness happening from Mica to California. I read of a man in Kansas City who stands at a busy intersection every morning and waves at the people driving to work. I read of a little girl in Maine who sells lemonade in front of her house for five cents a cup and offers a free back scratch to every customer. When I read about little thing like theses I wonder, Is she there? I wonder what she calls herself now. I wonder if she’s lost her freckles. I wonder if i’ll ever get another chance. I wonder, but I don’t despair. Though I have no family of my own, I do not feel alone. I know that i’m being watched. The echo of her laughter is the second sunrise I awaken to each day, and at night i feel it is more than stars looking down at me. I know i’ve moved on and I hope Stargirl has too she deserves a guy so much more better than me. But it won’t matter how old i’ll get or where i’ll be living, right now and as long as I live I know that I will forever love Stargirl.


~ Leo Borlock
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