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Meet me in Istanbul.

No description

Vilma Montoliu

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of Meet me in Istanbul.

Meet me in Istanbul
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1. My adaption, my edition.
2. Biography about Chisholm
3. Summary
4.Detailed description.
5. My ten favorite words.
6. My five favorite sentences.
7. My opinion.
2. Biography about Chisholm

Richard Chisholm lived in Sydney and did his undergraduate degree at the University of Sydney,and his post graduate degree at Oxford,after which he was an academic at the University of New South Wales Law School, specializing in family law. In the 1970s he was a founding member of the Aboriginal Legal Service, and the founding President of the children’s rights group Action for Children. On his retirement in 2004, he resumed academic work, and was appointed Honorary Professor of Law at the University of Sydney.

4.Detailed description
Kemal is a young men. He is tall and is from Turkey so he is dusky. Kemal has a lot of ideas about justify and the true, so he is a really good persona who wants the best for his friend Tom. He will be a really important piece for Tom's mission.
5. My ten favorite words
: to indicate agreement, invitation....
He looks nodded with the invitation

6. My five favorite sentences
He sat in the afternoon sunshine, and looked down over the city of Istanbul.
Vilma Montoliu Esteban.
1st C
Meet me in Istanbul by Chisholm
1. My adaption, my edition
Meet me in Istanbul is a novel origination from Ida Crowe Pollock who wrote this book at 1958.
This edition is from Richard Chisholm who adapted this book at 2005 , before Chisholm published an other edition at 1979.
Tom was going to Istanbul to visit her financée. In the plane he met Kemal who will help him. When Tom arrived to Istanbul he looked for Angela, her financée, but she didn't look him. When Tom came to their meeting point but Angela didn't go there.
Tom was so worried about it and came to Angela's workplace, her boss explained Angela is dead, she had an accident.... Tom comes to England Consulate and everybody said the same than her boss. Tom was feeling so bad when he decided to call his friend Kemal. Kemal believed everything Tom said
Kemal and Tom started a investigation together. They discovered what happened behind Angela's boss: he trafficked with opium to England. When Kemal and Tom discovered it, her boss knew it! When the boss is on the point off police arrived and Tom and Angela were together again, and Kemal was always their friend.
Tom is a young man. He is tall and is from England so he is blond. Tom loves Angela and doesn't want to lost her, he is a really fighter man. He can arrive where he wants for his objectives.
Dünya: Dünya is Angela's boss. He is an old man, and a really bad person. He is the kind of person who does everything only for hisself. He wears glasses and elegant clothes, because he is reach.
Dünya means world in Turkish.
the woman who is engaged, about to get married
My fiancée is trying her dress

to repeatedly hit something, producing noise
He knocks the door but his mother doesn't open.

a slow to think and understand
He has a special attention, because he is dull

a weapon with metallic tube from which missile is discharged
In USA you can have a gun

a particular group of people considered as a social or business
My father have a meeting with a special crown.

: a part of an oriental house reserved for wives, concubines etc....
He has his concubines in his harem

:demanding attention
She is so heavy...! She is louder all the time!!

a person who serves passengers on a aircraft
Stewardesses pay attention a lot in this plane!

an artificial head of hair.
He needs a wig, because he hasn't got hair!

He waited, and waited and nobody came.
Don't ever think about It
They all laughter
He was watching Tom, watching every move he made...
7. My opinion
First I want to say my favorite things, I think is a really good book because isn’t boring and you can believe the characters, so is good! I like the story so is a thriller and I love it, I like it because is happening in an other country and I really, really love traveling!!
Second I want to say my least favorite part... I think this book has too much drawing. I don’t’ like Dünya because I think he is too bad, but perhaps is the principal part of the book. Last, I think will be better if the city had more prominence.
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