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Blob Fish

No description

giuseppe parisi

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of Blob Fish

Blob Fish
Its hard for a scientist to find these fish. it is very rare to find them in general. mostly this species is found on accident by fishermen.
The blob fish really doesn't have a diet. This fish eats what is smaller than it and edible. So it basically eats anything in its path.
lives more than 500 kilometers down in the ocean
only found in the waters that boarder Australia
You may not think it but the blob fish has an adaptation. The blob fish has a toxic slime all over its body so when a predator tries to devour it, the predator is either poisoned or immidatly spit out. This is one of the reasons of why this fish isn't extinct today.
This fish has a very unique way of moving through the water. The blob fish has a jelly like body which allows it not to float. This way the blob fish can successfully hover through the water.
The blob fish doesn't have a lot of predators in the sea but its biggest predator is humans. The blob fishes habitat is very close to an industry which causes pollution to the water and is very harsh to the species. Also when fishermen catch this fish in there nets or rods it will kill them very quickly.
Interesting Facts
This fish is almost extinct
One of the only fish that doesn't have teeth
Not in aquariums
Never found at surface
Can't reach 3 miles an hour
Looks like a human
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