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Taboo Presentation

Comm 109 Group Power Presentation

Tanner Hannappel

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of Taboo Presentation

When the conversation is too awkward, however, it is perfectly okay to politely withdraw yourself. Politeness is key. Taboo Cambria, Denison, Victor, Tanner Mary Douglas

"Taboo" originates from Polynesian language

"Religious restriction"

"Prohibited" or "Forbidden" in Tongan language What Is Taboo? Universal forms of taboo are cannibalism, group murder, and incest
-exceptions in some cultures

Why has taboo withstood the test of time?

What will be taboo in the future?

This is unknown to us, but it is certain it will never go away Forms of Taboo Taboo Speaking Why is there Taboo? Makes conversation awkward; friends can become enemies

Reveals history of societies

Taboo can be considered consequence of a culture's economic and ecological conditions

Once functioned to support status hierarchies History of Taboo Prevalent since ancient times

Multiple punishments for taboo

Has since expanded into many topics

Remains most noticeable with the topic of sex 1. What is Taboo?

2. Different types of Taboo

3. How to avoid awkwardness of Taboo Main Points Types of Taboo War Gun Control Sex Religion One of most taboo and awkward subjects

Intimate and personal

Not a comfortable subject

Difficult to disclose these facts about ourselves Politics Emotional and controversial subject

Conflicting views can quickly lead to heated debates and arguments

Generally avoided subject, especially in informal settings Avoided subject; people possess polar views

Certain situations, it is a natural and comfortable topic

In most situations, best to refrain from expressing views on this subject Salary Subject considered bad manners or distasteful

Can evoke emotions of jealousy and envy

Can make people uncomfortable because they may feel inferior to someone with a higher salary Impolite in certain situations

Situational topic; appropriate in some while impolite in others

Varies by audience and context

Can affect some people personally Abortion Very controversial, can spark heated debates

Impact many people personally

Evaluate audience and context Relatively recent taboo topic

Contradictory perspectives can lead to conflict Overcoming Taboo Self disclosure-volunteering information in relationships and conversations

Allows information to be transferred comfortably

Must be used appropriately Appropriate Ways to Use Self Disclosure Use reasoned self disclosure

Make it a two-way process

Make it appropriate for both situation and the person

Consider diversity

Avoid indiscriminate self disclosure

Always remain positive Self Disclosure Important in avoiding taboo subjects

Be as clear and concise as you can

Improve listening competence

Use accurate, vivid language and verbal immediacy Video Video Thank You!!! -Encyclopedia Britannica Online. “Taboo” Britannica.com. 2012. Last updated March 21st, 2012.

-Theeyeopener.com article entitled “A Brief History of Taboo” Written by Carly Basian in October, 2011.

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-Wikipedia.org Encyclopedia. “Taboo”. Last updated April 2nd, 2013.

-Englishwithanaccent.com article entitled “Taboo Words, Social History, and Power Differentials” Written on October 19th, 2011. Based of the African American Language and history of Taboo. References
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