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A cats life cycle

No description

Lola Kenny

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of A cats life cycle

A Cats Life Cycle Kittens Elder Cats Kittens are baby cats and are usually born during the months of April and May. Kittens have to stay with their mothers until they are 5 months old. Teenager Cats are very hyper and will jump from wall to wall most days but some days they can be very calm and quiet but that is very rare! You should keep your cats in at this time as if they go outside they could get killed because of lack of knowledge. Teen Cats It is still good to keep your cat in at this time but you start letting them in your back garden. It is also good to give your cat catnip as this will make him/her feel like a kitten again. You can find catnip in a local pet shop. You will notice he will be getting a bit calmer each day. Young Adult Cats Your cats should be a lot calmer now and you can let them go outside now since they are probably smart enough to know about cars and other dangers. They will also be more friendly and often come to you when you beckon them. They will also start headbutting you and this is a sign of affection or they just want attention. Adult Cats Elder cats will probably be a lot lazier than other ages and it is coming to the end so give them the most attention as possible and they would love if you gave them some catnip so they will feel young again. They will be meowing a lot to since they are old and need a lot of attention!
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