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No description

Krista van Beurden

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of Sequoyah

Think about it...
Who was Sequoyah?

Why is he famous?
Who was Sequoyah?
Born in 1770's
Village of Tuskegee (Tennessee)
Set up trading post
compassionate- let people without money pay later
Drew pictures of the people and the things they owed for
Became a silversmith
taught to sign name on work by settler
Think about it...
Where were you born?
Who taught you to write your name?
What do you sign your name on?
Sequoyah believed that writing had helped the settlers become very powerful.
He noticed they used an alphabet to create words to send messages to each other.
He noticed the sounds mathched the letters, but were different from the Cherokee language.
Sequoyah used his observations to create the Cherokee alphabet.
Each bold symbol is the letter and the smaller letters are the sound.
Think about it...
The sounds and letters are different in the Cherokee language than in the English language. Can you still write your name in the Cherokee language, or would you have to create a different name?
He had to try, and try again!
First, he tried drawing pictures for each word- too much to remember!

Then, he looked at a settler's spelling book and saw how English words were made.

Next, Sequoyah listened to friends talk and counted all the different sounds in the words.

Finally, he divided each word into syllables and created symbols for each syllable.
How did Sequoyah create the Cherokee Alphabet?
Sequoyah had GREAT patience. It took many years to create a system that worked!
What would your name look like?
Spreading the written Cherokee language...
1st student was his daughter, Ahyokah (Ah YO ka)
Showed Cherokee alphabet to Cherokee council in Georgia
They did not think it would work.
asked Sequoyah to write down a message for his daughter to read (daughter was outside)
Ahyokah came into the room and read the message exactly as council had said it
Council found it was useful and sent Sequoyah to teach other villages
Sequoyah became known as a leader.
Cherokee started a newspaper, the Cherokee Phoenix, written in English and Cherokee
Think about it...
If you created a new language, who would you teach it to first?


Who would you have to convince that the language was useful?

How would you convince them?
A Cherokee Hero!
Seqouyah tried to help end
conflicts among his people
during and after The Trail of
He continued to teach the
Cherokee alphabet and writing.
His birthplace in Tennessee
is a museum.
His Oklahoma home is in a state
A national park in California is named for him.
Cherokees still use Sequoyah's alphabet today.
Seqouyah helped preserve the Cherokee culture.
Cherokee stories used to be told by memory and could be forgotten.
Cherokee stories can now be written down and not forgotten.
Think about it...

How did the Cherokee's record keeping and storytelling change between the birth and death of Sequoyah?

Was this a positive or negative change?
Let's review...

...with a PowerPoint!
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