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Module 1: Unit 1: Lesson 11 (Chapter 6)

No description

Trier Schneider

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of Module 1: Unit 1: Lesson 11 (Chapter 6)

Close Read
Aligning "Hero's Journey" and Chapter 6
Module 1: Unit 1: Lesson 11
Learning Targets

1. I can get the gist of an excerpt from
The Lightning
2. I can answer questions using evidence about an
excerpt from
The Lightning Thief
3. I can select evidence from both
The Lightning Thief
and "Hero's Journey" that shows how Percy is on a
hero's journey.
1. Open your books to p. 78.
2. Read starting at "As we got
closer..." to p. 82 "...Annabeth is
waiting for us".
3. Stop every few paragraphs and
write the gist on a sticky note
and place it in your book.
Text-Dependent Questions
Re-read the same section
1. Read the questions I am about to show you so you
know what to look for when you reread.
2. Reread the passage, keeping the questions in mind.
3. Use an evidence flag to mark places in the text
connected to one of the questions.
4. Answer the questions on a piece of paper. Be sure to
use evidence to support your answer.

1. On your graphic organizer, I have included which stages of "The Hero's Journey" show up in the passage of
The Lightning Thief
you read closely.
2. Review these sections in "The Hero's Journey" to remind yourself what happens in each of those stages.
3. Think: "In the passage from
The Lightning Thief
that we just read closely, how does this stage of the hero's journey show up?"
4. Go back to the passage in Chapter 6 and choose a specific scene that shows Percy experiencing that stage in "The Hero's Journey".
5. Go back to "The Hero's Journey" and choose a quote that clearly connects to Percy's experience.
Selecting Evidence
Open your book to p. 86 and follow along as I read. I will be starting with, "I shook my head...:
How is the meaning of archetype that we learned connected to this idea of the minotaur as an archetype?
1. What new and surprising sights
does Percy encounter in this
passage? Choose one and
describe it. Cite evidence to
support your answer.
2. What does Percy learn about
Chiron in this passage? Cite
evidence to support your
1. Find the following words in your novel.
2. Define each word using affixes, roots, and

cloven (77)
pursue (78)
pavilion (79)
centaur (82)
caduceus (83)
patron (85)
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