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No description

Library Media

on 7 January 2015

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Transcript of CATS LIZA!

Hi I'm Liza and I am going to tell you about cats.
Theese are some different kinds of cats!
a amarican bobtail
rag doll
american curl
american short hair
american wire hair
balinese cat
bengal cat
birman cat
bomboy cat
british short hair
burmese cat
chartreux cat
cornish rex cat
cymric cat
devon rex cat
egyptian mau cat
exotic short hair cat
abyssinian cat
chausie cat
colorpoint shorthair
european burmese cat
hauana brown
highlander cat
himalayan cat
japanese bobtail cat
javanese cat
korat cat
laperm cat
manie coon cat
manx cat
munchkin cat
norwegian forest cat
ocicat cat
oriental cat
oriental long hair
persian cat
peterbald cat
pixiebob cat
ragamuffin cat
russian blue cat
sauannah cat
scottish fold cat
selkirk rex
siamese cat
european burmese cat
exotic shorthair cat
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