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Edith Schwalb

No description

Meagan W

on 1 February 2014

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Transcript of Edith Schwalb

Timeline of Edith Schwalb
Edith Schwalb
The Rein of Hitler
Edith Schwalb was born in Vienna Austria on July 8th 1932.
Edith Schwalb was the middle child. She had a younger brother named Gaston and an older sister name Therese. Edith's father, Chaim Schwalb was a store keeper. Edith's mother's name was Magdalena but Edith called her Mutti and she stayed home all day.
In 1933 the Nazi party, led by Adolf Hitler gained power in Germany. Hitler became the dictator. He believed that Germans were a superior race. He then began torchering and killing those who were Jewish, Gypsies, physically and mentally disabled and the people who disagreed with him and his ideas.
It was not until March 12 1938 that Hitler began his rein in Vienna Austria. their were many Jewish families in Austria including Edith's family. Nazis would roam the streets and force Jewish people to scrub the roads or ban them from certain stores. Nothing was really affecting Edith's family until one day.....
Edith and her father were in town one day when they were stopped by one of the patrolling Gestapo. the officer asked to see Edith's father's paper, luckily the officer recognized Chaim and warned him to take his family and flee from Vienna. That night the Schwalb family packed a few of their things and started on their way to Belgium
The Schwalbs were able to afford a small apartment and Chaim got a job in a photography shop. Once Hitler had invaded Belgium the Schwalbs were once again afraid. In the middle of the night their was banging at the door and the Gestapo took Ediths father because they were "questioning" all Jews. Mutti was able to buy Chaims freedom after three days.
The Schwalb family had moved to Southern France where it was supposedly a free zone, that was until 1942 when Hitler extended his mission there. Once again Edith's father was arrested. This was the last time Edith ever saw her father.
Edith stayed in Mossaic until 1949 when she went to Paris to become a counselor in another house and looked after more orphaned children. In 1953 Edith married Jacques Gelbard who also worked in the house. In 1955 Edith and Jacques came to Canada and a year later brought Mutti to live with them but she died years later. Gaston became a famous chef. Edith now lives in Toronto and has four sons. Hiding Edith was the story of how Edith Schwalb survived world war two.
May 1938
The gestapo were the secret police of Adolf hitler.
Southern France was becoming more dangerous. Mutti had heard of a house in Mossaic which kept Jewish children safe and she decide to send Edith and Gaston there while Threse and herself would go to the next town over to live with another family.
The House in Mossaic
The house in Mossic was run by a couple, Shatta and Bouli Simon. This house had been protecting Jewish children since 1939. Edith stayed in the girls quarters while Gaston stayed in the quarters made especially for the younger children. Here Edith was able to go to school again. In August of 1943 it was announced that the house in Mossaic would be closing as conditions in France were worsening and it was no longer safe. All the children were given new names and birth certificates and they were being sent to live in different boarding schools where they were no longer jewish. Edith Schwalb was now Edith Servant and was sent to live in Ste-Foy-La-Grande.
In 1944 Edith was forced to move once again this time she was sent to live with a family on the outskirts of Ste-Foy-La-Grande. Edith spent the rest of the summer with this family and by September 1944 when world war two officially ended she went back to the house in Mossaic where she was reunited Gaston. Edith spent a couple days here until Mutti had come with Threse and they returned to Beaumont-De-Lomange
Edith had retuned to her home in France with Mutti Threse and Gaston. One of the famlies' cousins had been imprisoned with their Papa and he informed them that after the arrests their Papa was taken to a consentration camp in Auschwitz where he soon died. Edith begged Mutti to take Gaston and herself back to the house in Mossaic where she would stay to help with some of the orphaned children.
This was a jewish paper. They were used so the nazis could easily determine who was jewish
Ediths wedding
Edith in 1949
'Hiding Edith' was written by Kathy Kacer.
All images were taken of 'Google Image Advanced Search'
Prezi by Meagan
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