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Business Model [ IKEA ]

No description

Li Jianing

on 21 August 2014

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Transcript of Business Model [ IKEA ]

GAN Gianjun
WANG Shenhao
XU Ming
LI Jianing
GAN Qianjun
WANG Shenhao
XU Ming
LI Jianing
Mr. Wang
33 years old

Loves various kinds of electronic device
Owns a Cannon EOS-60D Camera
Drives a Hyundai Tucson SUV
Worries about the education and residence of daughter
Tries to buy a property in a school district
Mrs. Wang
31 years old
Typical Office Lady

Loves Prada and Dior
Shops online
Goes to cinema twice a month with husband
Reads popular fiction
Smuggles formula milk from Hong Kong
Uses an app to track the weather
Loves BBC’s Sherlock series
Wang Jr.

Likes iPad
Doesn’t like kindergarten
Loves Barbie, Blythe and Teenie-Weenie
Likes being photographed by father
Background Information
Target Group
Shopping Experience
Brand Loyalty
IKEA Family

Membership System
(Discount, Activities)
25-35 years old
60% female
24% have children
what does he/she SEE ?
what does he/she HEAR ?
what does he/she THINK & FEEL ?
what does he/she SAY & DO ?
- I know many people go to that market to decorate their houses.

- I saw my friend YUAN bought a sofa which is so beautiful!

- Its price seems reasonable as YUAN bought many items.

- The lamp on the advertisement looks fantastic! I really like it.

- That brand wins many thumbs-up on the internet!

- It seems that nowadays simple style like MUJI is a reasonable choice for us.
From Spouse:

- We must have a plan about our money.

- We don't have money to do expensive decoration.

- Company A has released the newest mobile phone. Do we buy one?

- We need to make the decoration different from others, make the decoration fit with our house.

- Let's decorate our house by ourselves to make it have a feeling of home.
From Friends:

- I like the style of the products in the store.

- I have bought this in Store A. The quality is good and the price is not high.

- Let's go shopping together.

- I have sent my children to the best primary school.

-I have spent XXX Yuan buying a new bookcase. It's very luxury.
From Boss:

- You have to finish it today.

- If you get late again, you will lose your bonus this month.
From Media:

- Almost 80% young people choose this brand.

- Every customer gives a high praise of this store.

- Do you want to control your life? Brand A will be your best choice.
- How to chose healthy furniture & decoration?

- How can I make my home more comfortable with less money?

- How to make the children room flexible since the child is growing up?

- What are those fashion trends?what will my friend say about my house design?

- Does the store offer the shipment of products?

- Does the direction of installment easy to understand?
- I feel stressed out comparing different products.

- I hate to go to different kinds of shops for all kinds of necessaries.
“Yeah sure, I’ll get it done by tonight.” – to senior

“My taste is great!” – to friends

“Honey which one of these do you like? Let me buy for you.” – to family

“I can do it myself”

“Don’t u think it’s better to have a white lamp on the wall?”
- Introduce favorite brands to friends and relatives

- Set up the things themselves

- Go to the same store again for further shopping.

- DIY the furniture and decorations

- Spend time somewhere interesting with family
Financial condition is good but never good enough
Life pressure and work stress
Always influenced by the elder in the family or the senior in work
Worries about the future of children
The costomer longs for self-realization
He/she tries to master her own life
The freedom to choose
Aesthetic needs satisfied
Happy shopping experience & happy costomers
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