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Civic Identity

How to create, shape, and manage your city's story.

Michele Reeves

on 14 October 2010

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Transcript of Civic Identity

Build a road map for success that can be implemented as soon as tomorrow!
Improve economic performance.
Create interconnection and relationship between the public and private sector.
Remember, if you don’t actively and
consistently tell your own story,

What does your city stand for, what is it about, and why would someone want to own a business or live there? If a city can't identify its objectives clearly, it is likely to have issues with a tired city center or lagging economic development initiatives.
A place's story is heavily informed by those who relate to it, so understanding what are beloved businesses and what demographic groups do and do not feel connected to a city is important information for spurring renewal.
with buildings
with greenspace
Right now, your city
is telling a story...
with roads
We can help you answer that question!
Places are telling stories, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week...
...whether you want them to or not! That means you need to know what story your city is telling to investors, developers, residents, and visitors.
Every city should quantify, interpret, and use their unique story to...
then it will be told for you ...
and you may not like the
narrative that emerges.

Civilis Consultants can help you quantify and wield your city's authentic identity today!
The process we use to construct your city's authentic identity is unique...
This is everything a city presents to the world physically. This part of story is literally always on, so it's essential to get characterization right.
with lighting & art
with businesses
So what story is your city actually telling?
Because we employ the same story framework improvisors use to create compelling tales. We teach it to a city's stakeholders and then let them construct their story in their own words!
Where your story takes place, it's context, is just as critical as every other element of the story framework, but it is often ignored. If a city doesn't leverage and honor its context, it will never reach its full potential.
The framework has 4 parts:
(And, it's actually a lot of fun too!)
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