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Acid Rain

No description

Jim Mcvey

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Acid Rain

Acid Rain How is acid rain formed and
what affects does it have on
the environment and us? Reaction:
Water(H2O) + Sulfur Dioxide(SO3) = H2SO4 Reactants Product

Acid rain is formed when sulfur dioxide, by product of burning fossil fuels, combines with water molecules in the clouds and eventually falls back to earth as acid rain causing problems for people and the environment.

There is 4 oxygen elements, 1 sulfur element, and 2 hydrogen elements

no catalyst, a catalyst is anything that speeds up the reaction without itself being changed

In my research I have found that acid rain
is made up of alot more compounds then just
water and carbon dioxide. This impacted me by
I now realize that this is a bigger problem then I
originally thought and really is an economical problem
as well, by how many crops get killed. This affects the
real world by killing crops that some people make
there living on and is also a big concern for our health . Affects on people and environment:
Acid rain has many affects on people, but one of biggest threats it has is an economical one. Acid rain kills many crops every year leaving farmers with lost money and some people without food. Also, Many forests get destroyed leaving animals without habitat. Acid rain has affects on our body too, it can cause breathing problems and sometimes can lead to cancer. References:

Video not affected by acid rain affected by acid rain Compare and Contrast
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