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Is Art Necessary in School?

No description

Leanna Schroeder

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Is Art Necessary in School?

Is Art Necessary in School?
Benefits of Art Programs
Reasons People Need Art
Benefits of Art Programs
Common Reasons Why
to Have an Art Program
Problems Schools and People Face Regarding Art
Only real and logical argument against having an art program is that it is expensive
Better to have a limited program than nothing at all
Art as a Language
Everyone speaks it
There is an experience unique to each person when standing before a piece of art
(some kind of emotion, memory, experience)
"Beneficial effects on children's social, cognitive and emotional development"
-Claire Golomb
Skill Development
"Artistic originality, scientific discovery, and comic inspiration"
-Dennis Dutton
Art is = to other academic subjects
Some great artists include Einstein, Shakespeare, Galileo, Aristotle, and Fibonacci
*These men were said to be successful due to creativity they learned in art.
"Imagination is more important than knowledge"

Creativity/ Imagination
Social Skills
Problem Solving
Decision Making
Communication Skills
Attention to Detail
Seeing the Big Picture
Trial and Error (Experimentation)
Art as Therapy
Healing from trauma
Stress reliever
“It is only in being creative that the individual discovers the self.”
-Judith Rubin
Not a Good Future Job
No money in being an artist
Many say being an artist will lead you no where in life
Financial Burden
Many schools are suffering financially causing them to cut their art programs
Shouldn't be spending money we don't have
Art is very expensive
Only a Hobby
Art can be done outside of school
Not seen as an academic subject
List of jobs that require skills developed in art:
Designer (interior, fashion, graphic, product, program)
Make-up and Beauty Artist
Hair Stylist
Event Coordinator
Public Relations Specialist
Art is an academic subject
Having art in school settings helps a student grow in many more ways than just in the art room
In reality, anything can be a hobby
"While much of the world is mired in economic gloom, the art market--which regularly sees
multi-million prices set for paintings and sculpture-- seems to be living in a parallel universe" --Georgina Adam
(*applies only to successful artists, or art collectors)
While you may not be a natural Picasso, the job world is high in demand for artists
(especially for their creativity)
Painter/ Sculptor
Film Producer
Movie Animation/ Special Effects
Actor/ Actress
Teacher (Director)
Jobs you think Artists do:
Jobs they actually can also do:
Combining the
Left and Right Side
Correlation of Students Active in Art to Grades in Other Academic Subjects
"Studies have shown increased years of enrollment in arts courses are positively correlated with higher SAT verbal and math scores"
-The College Board
"The brain, which works on the 'use it or lose it principle,' has often been likened to a muscle — the more you use it, the better it gets." -Anand Holla
"Art belongs to everyone. It stirs in everyone." -The Getty Center for Education in the Arts
"We're broke, and it's unnecessary" -Ed Morrissey (on funding art)
“It is commonly held that people need little or no formal education to experience, comprehend, and create art” -Getty Center for Education in the Arts
Specific skills in school:
Math Skills
Reading and Language Skills
Thinking Skills
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