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Roman Gladiators

No description

Spencer B

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of Roman Gladiators

Roman Gladiators
By Spencer B
Who were the Roman Gladiators?
The Roman gladiators were people that were thrown into the Colosseum and forced to fight to the death.The gladiators consisted of slaves, prisoners of war, and criminals.
What did the Roman gladiators use in battle?
Weapons that the Roman gladiators used were standard Roman weapons but were also taken from other countries that they conquered. These weapons included harpoons, swords, lances, nets, and a curved scimitar.
The gladiators also sometimes wore protective gear. Some clothing and items that were used to protect the gladiators were helmets that had a visor, metal shoulder pieces, leather elbow and wrist bands, round shields, and large oblong shields.
The Roman gladiators fought many animals such as jaguars, lions, and other wild beasts along with other gladiators.
Who did the Gladiators fight?
When did the gladiator fights begin and end?
The gladiator games began in 264 BC as a way to honor someone important that had died. Eventually this turned into a way to show off your strength instead of honoring the dead.
Although many bans were put on gladiator fights over the years, gladiator fights eventually legally ended in the year 399 AD because of the emperor Honorius. People still held gladiator matches, so he reinforced this law in the year 404 AD.
Where did the gladiators battle?
The gladiators battled in an arena that is known as the Colosseum. The Colosseum got started around the year 72 AD. It was open to the public by the year 80 AD by Emperor Vespasian's son, Titus.
Why did the Romans hold gladiator battles?
The Romans used gladiator fights as a way to entertain themselves, as well as their gods.
1. In 73 BC, Spartacus led about 70 slaves in a revolt to escape from their gladiator school. After not too long, he had about 70,000 slaves following him towards freedom with him. As Rome sent troops to round them up, they fought and even won a few battles. Alas, they fought in vain and in 71 BC, almost 12,300 slaves died.
2. Essedarii gladiators used chariots while fighting.
3. The Dimachaeri fought with a short sword in each hand. The word Dimachaeri means two knife men.
4. Sometimes members of the crowd would shout the word Habet. Habet means that a gladiator is wounded.
5. When a gladiator has lost the battle, the spectators would give a thumbs up to signal to kill them.
6. Although this occurred rarely, a spectator can wave a hankerchief in the air signaling to spare their life.











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