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Hizzle Vizzle

No description

Jayda Parham

on 23 May 2017

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Transcript of Hizzle Vizzle

Social Structure and Economics
Upper Class, Middle Class and Lower Class
The idea was developed from the pillars
free market economy, dependent on international trade
Euro is the official currency of Belgium

Belgium itself
Belgium is located in Europe
Its surrounded by four other countries: Germany, France, Luxembourg and Netherlands.
coastal plains, a central plateau,the ardennes uplands.
142nd largest nation in the world.
Belgium got its name from a Roman province in the northernmost part of Gaul
Belgium Climate
Belgium has cool summers and moderate winters.
little variation from region to region
Sweaters are needed almost for the whole year round.
Flat country with cool breezes
Belgium has construction materials, silica sand and carbonates

Population is 11,426,362 and is urban
Official language: French, Dutch and German
lots to offer in Belgium

Hizzle Vizzle has many different food types to appeal to all.
Everyone will feel at home while eating
Hizzle Vizzle

Hizzle Vizzle
Hizzle Vizzle: comes from a small town rhyming girl
little country located in the Atlantic Ocean connected in Canada.
There is lake the center of the country
Has Lake Liberty
one big cave filled with mewls
Its a desert
Belgium Hizzle
- Christianity is biggest - Christianity is biggest

The climate and hidden secrets of Hizzle Vizzzle
Hizzle Vizzle has cool breezy winters and warm summers Hizzle Vizzle has a very different climate than those around. In the winter a light sweater may be needed but in the summer shorts
Hizzle Vizzle has gold, silver, diamonds and oil
Adventures is the Hizzle
Population is 111,100
lots of fun events nightly around the lake
mostly the pop is centered around the lake
Our population is slowly growing
Official language is English with small others
In Belgium there cuisine is very varied reflecting the cuisines of neighboring France, Germany and the Netherlands.
best known for its chocolate, waffles, fries and beer
seasonal ingredients (ex.Potatoes, leeks shrimp beer
Also have american food
Social and Economics
Two levels: Upper and Middle Class
Upper class is for richer but close behind middle
Us US dollars
Political Belgium
- federal, representative democratic, constitutional monarchy
- No government
Political Hizzle
-one big central government
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