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The Egypt Game Characters

No description

Kiyo Christopher

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of The Egypt Game Characters

The Egypt Game Characters
April Hall
April Hall is from Hollywood and her mother is Dorthea (an actress). She came to stay with her grandmother and she met Melanie Ross in the apartment and made The Egypt Game.
Melanie Ross
Melanie is staying at the Casa Rosada (apartment) and whe met April where they made The Egypt Game. They played the game in an old junk yard.
Elizabeth Chung
Elizabeth is an Asian girl who is new to the building and she met April and Melanie and joined The Egypt Game.
Thank You!!!!
THANK YOU FOR WATCHING MY PREZI, BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
April is sassy because she thinks that she is better that everyone.
She is also fancy because she is trying to be a Hollywood star and set a good example for Melanie
She is a show-off because she is trying to show how she is "better" than Melanie and everyone else in the city or town.
She is nice because even though April is trying to show off all of the time, she is still nice to her and not pointing it out that she is a show-off.
She is friendly because before she met April she was saying to herself that no matter how different she is from April, she will still try to be friends with her.
She is smart because she came up with the idea of The Egypt Game and she helped make the outfits, altars and objects in "Egypt."
She is shy because the first time that she met April and Melanie, she barely spoke to them because she was shy.
She is friendly because if you get to know her, she won't let you down and will always keep your secrets.
She could be friendly because if you can break her (get her to not be fancy and sassy) she can be a true friend and you may find out that you have a lot in common.
She is happy because she met two new girls in the building and are both nice.
She is happy because she was new to the building and she has friends. She is also happy because she is in The Egypt Game.
Brings a Smile to Your Face
She brings a smile to your face because she is so happy all the time and she is almost always smiling.
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