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Manhattan Project

No description

Summer Bloom

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Manhattan Project

Summer Bloom
Katerina Vaughn
Kyle Reed Manhattan Project What is it? The code name for the project in which the atom bomb was created 1942-the Japanese navy was working to create its own atomic bomb
German submarine surrenders to the U.S. The U.S. found 560 kilograms of Uranium oxide.
January 1940- the first ton was uranium oxide was delivered to the German Army
June 4 1942-secret meeting with war minister ,nuclear scientist, and Heisenburg who describes the atomic bomb as possible but in the future China In 1951, china signs secret agreement with Moscow. China provides uranium to soviets, in exchange, soviets give china assistance in nuclear technology
•China begins developing nuclear weapons in late 1950’s with substantial soviet assistance
•In early 1960’s the soviets withdrew advisers and terminated all assistance, but despite that, china committed itself to continue its nuclear weapons program
•The first Chinese nuclear test was on October 16, 1964.
•32 months later, China tested its first hydrogen bomb, on June 14, 1967
What's happening in the world? •First country to investigate the development of nuclear weapons•In 1946 the Atomic Energy Act was passed, and the U.S. and Britain cut their nuclear ties•In January 1947, plans were put into place to develop a nuclear weaponFirst nuclear reactor went critical on July 3, 1948Because of its small size and lack of sites for testing, Britain sought out other countries for testing, and they finally settled on the Monte Bello Islands off of the coast of AustraliaOn October 3, 1952, Britain detonated its first nuclear device
Britain •Started in late 1950’s under Charles de Gaulle
•On February 13, 1960, France detonated its first nuclear weapon in Algeria
•For a first test, it was the most powerful bomb that was ever detonated
•The first French thermonuclear device was tested above Fangataufa Atoll in the South Pacific on August 24, 1968, this heavily contaminated the atoll and made it uninhabitable for humans for 6 years
France •Heavily assisted by spies in the Manhattan Project, the soviets started a near copy of the Fat Man nuclear bomb, and this bomb was detonated in the Semipalatinsk Test Site in Kazakhstan on August 29, 1949
•In response to the U.S.’s exploration in the hydrogen bomb development, the Soviets jump started its own hydrogen bomb programsOn August 12, 1953, the soviets tested their first fusion-based device in central Siberia, though not as powerful as its American counterpart, it was a usable weapon because it was small enough to be dropped out of a plane
Soviet Union
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