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Shakespear Sonnet #13

No description

Maggie Hurst

on 10 May 2011

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Transcript of Shakespear Sonnet #13

O,that you were yourself, but love you are: translate: I want you to be yourself forever... Sonnet #13
What is Shakespeare's meaning in this? Pass on your sweet knowledge before this end comes Once you grasp the meaning of this sonnet it is really beautiful and meaningful. It is very sweet. against the stormy gusts of winters day and barren rage of deaths eternal cold... THEME! : Do not waste your life not takining a chance. Do not go childless... YOU HAVE FATHER;LET YOUR SON BE ABLE TO SAY THE SAME THING. Babe I'm lost
Cause I don't know what to say
Hmmm I love you
Want to make you my wife someday

Don’t wanna steal you
Of a young woman’s light
To me it's perfect
Just wanna do you right
[ Lyrics from: http://www.lyricsmode.com/lyrics/t/the_avett_brothers/offering.html ]
And I've known others
And I've loved others too
But I loved them cause they were stepping stones
On a staircase to you

Sometimes I act foolish
I don't know what to do
Please babe try not to judge me
For my offering is true

And I dream of children
We can call our own
Watch 'em run around in the front yard
From the front porch of our home

Full translation: Oh how I long for you to be yourself forever, unchanged, but, my love, you don't have any identity for any longer than your time on earth. You should prepare yourself for this approaching end and pass your sweet likeness on to someone else. In that way the lease that you hold for that beauty would not expire and you would survive after your self's death, when your beautiful children would carry your beautiful form. Who allows such a lovely house to fall into decay when it could, with good management, be properly protected from the stormy winds of winter and the frustration of the eternal coldness of death? Oh, no-one except the irresponsible. My dear love, you once had a father: let your son be able to say the same thing.

sources: http://www.nosweatshakespeare.com/sonnets/13.htm
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