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L Wolf

The Choice By: Nicholas Sparks

Karen Yost

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of L Wolf

The Choice By: Nicholas Sparks He is #1 NY Times bestselling author Main Characters
Travis Parker
Gabby Holland
Molly Rest of the Characters
&more Setting: North Carolina MOLLY Travis Parker Beginning: Gabby moves in next to Travis. Travis takes care of Molly,
because he is a vet. Gabby accuses Travis and his dog Moby! Gabby and Travis get to know each other.
They hang out. Middle: Travis likes Gabby. Gabby keeps denying her feelings. Gabby is still dating Kevin. Gabby and Travis spend more time together. Read this amazing novel to find out what happens at the end! This author is famous for his
touching romance novels!
Some of his novels have been turned into movies, such as the Notebook and Dear John.
Sparks has sold millions of copies of his books!
His first novel was, "The Passing," which was never published. He is famous for writing the novel, "The Notebook." He has thousands of people reading his books everyday! Nicholas Sparks will be writing new novels at his house in North Carolina!
Gabby Holland Moby
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