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Legal Issues

No description

Kathy Tassier

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Legal Issues

Legal Issues
5 Wishes
(1) irreversibe cessation of circulatory and respiratory functions
(2) irreversible cessation of all function of the entire brain, including the brain stem
Persistent Vegetative State?
Harvard Tests
-no muscular movement
-no repiration
- no reflexes
-flat EEG

Repeat after 24 hours
Death Certificates
Medical Examiners
Advance Directives
Living Wills - express wishes , especially where terminal illness leaves patient unable to express decisions
Durable Power of Attorney - appoints decision maker
Five Wishes - simplifies
1-appoint, 2- define kind of medical treatments, 3- comfort level, 4 - how
people treat me, what I want my loved ones to know
Organ, Tissue, and Body Donations

- First Person Consent
-Next of Kin(Donor Card)
-Bill of Rights for Donors Families
Disposition of Body
-Legality for contamination purposes
-otherwise common practices
Disposition of Property
- Probate - executor/administrator
-Wills including codicals
-Gifts up to $13,000
- Outright deeds/survivorship rights
-Life insurance
-Trusts - not part of the estate

-Estate/Inheritance Taxes
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