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Victoria vs Windsor Geography

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Amundeep Chaggar

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Victoria vs Windsor Geography

First we will start of with......

VICTORIA River near Victoria:
The river system near Victoria
is the Columbia River.

Source: The source of the Columbia River is
the Columbia Lake

Mouth: The mouth of the Columbia River is the Pacific Ocean.

Drainage basin: Also Pacific Ocean
Ocean Drainage Areas
Green-Pacific Ocean
Orange-Hudson Bay
Grey-Gulf of Mexico
Bright blue-Atlantic Ocean
Purple-Arctic Ocean
Light blue-Water area
Drainage bison is
The Pacific Ocean

On the map I am about to
show you it says that Victoria
has a land form of plateaus, plains
and mountains, most of the land form
is plateaus.
Victoria island The climate of Victoria is mild and has damp winter weather, and warm summer months, which are both sunny and dry. Victoria's climate in summer has highs of around 25°C / 77°F, followed by wet winters, between December and February, when snowfalls are most likely. Most of the years the snowfall is light and barley lasts long, but rarely can it fall very heavily on some days. Vegetation:
From a wet coastal forest, to dry grassland, is the most common vegetation weather at Victoria. It is very wet were not allot of plants grow and in the forests the land is dry and it doesn’t rain very much. This plays a big role in Vegetation
The agriculture in Victoria is mainly fruits and fishing grounds, (Mostly fishing) around the island according to this page out of my geography text book Pg 244. Windsor Essex county In Windsor the Landforms are mostly made out of plains and some hills around the area but the majority is plains, which makes it easier for plants to grow which is a type of agriculture. Windsor essex county ~Continental Climate
(Wet with cold winter)
The average high in Windsor during April is 58.1 degrease Celsius to 14.50degreese Fahrenheit and the average low is 37.3 degrease Celsius to 2.94 degrease Fahrenheit
This is the blue that covers our region Windsor Ontario, vegetation:
Trees that shed during seasons, which means that fruits grow on them every year, so do the plants and they provide fruits!
Now its time for........

Windsor. Windsor essex county The river system near Windsor Essex County is the St. Lawrence River.

Mouth: The mouth Atlantic Ocean

Source: Lake Ontario is the source of the ST. Lawrence

Drainage Basin: Atlantic Ocean is the drainage basin of the ST. Lawrence River.
Windsor is a "Main crop-growing region" and it farms Cattle and Fodder crops/ grains.
The dominant agriculture is grains in Windsor though.
Windsor essex county Victoria VS Windsor So in the end Windsor won!
It has the better weather to grow plants, it has some "all season growing trees" and plants that can give more than one participation to agriculture such as Windsor can, and Victoria is not a "Main crop-Growing region", Victoria can only
Fish and have fruits but Windsor can raise cattle and grow fodder crops, (grains) including the main crop-growing regions. I hope you enjoyed my presentation!

BY: Amundeep.C
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