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Dot Matrix & Plotter

No description

Zineb N

on 3 November 2013

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Transcript of Dot Matrix & Plotter

Dot Matrix & Plotter Printers
By ~ Zineb Nebdi - 9G1

Advantages of Dot Matrix printers
- Inexpensive.

- Reliable.

- Over most other printer types is that the paper is completely connected.

- Allows you to print long banners that span across several sheets of paper.

- Excellent for businesses doing high volumes of printing where high quality is not essential.
Dot Matrix
Dot-matrix printers were the first kind of computer printers that have been released for personal and business use. It works very much like a high-speed typewriter where the printer head strikes the printer ribbon to transfer the text onto the paper.
Where are Dot Matrix printers used?
Dot-matrix printers are now commonly used in retail stores and banks to print documents and receipts. Some ATM machines are still equipped with dot-matrix printers instead of the more modern thermal printers.
What does a Dot Matrix printer look like?
Where are Plotter printers used?
Plotters are commonly used in architecture and engineering fields.
Disadvantages of Dot Matrix printers
- Slow speed.

- Low-quality prints.

- Noisy.

- Limited Features.

What are Plotter printers ?
A plotter is a type of printer used mainly in drafting and engineering printing. Plotters print lines with pens instead of using graphics like traditional printers.
Advantages of Plotter printers
- Work on large sheets, 2 or more feet of paper.

- High Quality.

- Can draw on include sheet steel, plywood, aluminum, plastic, cardboard and almost any flat sheet material.

- Accuracy & Speed.

- Can save all patterns and templates on disk.
Disadvantages of Plotter Printers
- Take up more space than regular printers.

- Expensive.

- If you are working with limited space, you may have a difficult time finding the right location for your plotter.
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