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A Hero's Journey, The Lightning Thief Movie

By David, Newer better one, refrence is on the other one.

David Hickel

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of A Hero's Journey, The Lightning Thief Movie

The Lightning Thief Movie, Hero's Journey. Ordinary World During a school field trip his math teacher, Mis Dodds, revels herself as a Fury and trys to kill him. However Grover and Mr Brunner his only friends come in to save him. The Call part 1 Now that he has revealed his nature, Percy is sent to Camp Half-Blood. Along the way to the camp, Percy , his mother and Grover are attacked by a minotaur. Percy’s mother sacrifices herself so Percy can make it safely to the Camp, but not before Percy watches his mother turn into golden dust in the minotaur’s hands. Crossing the Thershold After being unconscious for three days he wakes to find his old Latin teacher telling him he's a son of Poseidon and that he acussed for steeling the master bolt. Zeus most power weapon. Of course he wasn't nothing to do with it. Refusal of the Call Percy is a 12 year old kid at a boarding school in New York State. He has a history of being kicked out of schools, has dyslexia and ADHD. His mother has married a loser who smells awful and treats Percy and his mum poorly after his first Father Left. After a day camp, Hades visits Percy at the bonfire and tells him that he will give Percy's mom back for the bolt. Part 2 Chiron, Percy's old Latin teacher, tells him that you can't barter with Hades. Still he goes off on the quest with his two friends Grover, the satyr, and Annabeth, a daughter of Athena. Meeting with the Mentor His most import friends would be Grover and Annabeth, without them Percy wouldn't have gotten pass most of the tests. Allies Most people forget Chiron and think he's not that important. However without him Percy would never have gotten his most powerful weapon. A pen. Chiron The main test was trying to find three blue pearls that could transport you out of the underworld. That's only if you could get past there owners, like Medusa. Tests The major enemy would have to be the Lotus Eaters. They ended up spending most of their time there because it was made to lure you in and never let you come out. Enemies Another enemy would have to be the Hydra, one of three protectors of the peals. Hydra After Collecting all the pearls the three hero's go to the underworld to Confront Hades and get Percy's Mom pack Inmost Cave This is were the hero's finds out that the bolt was in the shield given to Percy by Luke. Still Hades sees it, and trys to take it from them but Persephone goddess of spring his wife takes it from him and gives it back to Percy. Ordeal After they get Percy mom back they relize that they only have three pearls when they need four. Grover ends up staying behind with Persephone. Road Back Percy, his Mom, and Annabeth travel to Olympus by pearl only to find Luke there waiting for them. He takes the bolt from them and fly's off in his magic fly shoes. Percy then chases after him in his pair and get the bolt back after a major fight. Losing and Seizing the Bolt Still Percy does get to keep the bolt for long. He quickly returns it back to Zeus and explains the whole thing. In return for getting the bolt and being falsely accused Percy ask Zeus to get Grover back from Hades. Return with the Elixir Percy returns back to Camp Half-Blood knowing that his mom has kicked his stepfather out and that his world is save. The move ends with him and Annabeth sword fighting and have a great time. Ending
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