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genocide project

allie Kolz

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Darfur

Darfur is a province in western Sudan,
Africas largest country. Orgin of conflict Tension between the nomadic Arab Herders and secondary African Farmers since mid-twentieth century. Severe droughts brought tension bettween the two groups in 1970s and 1980s. Fighting broke out, but was quickly settled by tribal negoation. By the late 1990's, the Arab- dominated government took steps to weaken the political and econonmic rights of ethnic africans by dividing Darfur into 3 provindences.

giving majority of land and power to the Arab tribes in the region
leaving the farming tribes to the south defenseless from the attacks of nomadic herders. In 1996, government-sponsored Arab militas began an assualt on non-Arab Masalit tribal villages.
Improisened several masalit elders
Force more than 100,000 to flee their homes. Genocide By 2000 two rebel groups, who are against the government groups had formed.
the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM)
Sudanese Libration Army (SLA)
Both groups have accused the government of oppression and viloence against non-Arab in Darfur and Western Sudan.
In 2003, the two groups, in the northern capital of Al-Fashir, killed 100s of government soldiers.

First few months in war, rebel armies expanded their hold on the region, winning their majority of the fights with government troops. Janjaweed mainly attacked civilian targets. They want to exterminate the rebel groups. They did awful things such as :
mass murder
burning down 100s of villages to the ground
In the first year of strife ten of thousands were killed. With no chance of survivial hundred ofthousands had to flee to refugee camps in neighboring countries, because they were left defensless against the armed paramiltary. On several ocassions,the Janjaweed pursued their victims across the border and engaged Chadian government forces along the way.

In 2004, the Chadian government attempted to broker a cease-fire between JEM,SLA ,and government forces. But that never stopped the violence. Sudanese government invading Chadian soon force the Chadian governmant to declare hostilities toward Sudan.

Voilence in darfur contiuned!

Later that year, international aid organizations began to pull their staff out due to secruity concerns.

The Sudanese government was reported to be conducting arial attacks on cilivian targets ,and hundreds of thousands of fleeing refugees were cut off from food and medical supplies.
In 2004, the World Health Organization and other aid groups noted that many more were dying of disease and starvation.
The UN estimated that in 2005 ten thousand people were dying each month and in 2008 an estimated three hundred thousand would perish, and more than two million had been displaced by the violence.
**Although the accuracy of these figures remains unconfirmed.** The Sudannese government responded to the rebel assult by arming its tribal allies and settling them against civialn Fur and Masalit tribes.

The governments new paramiltary was mostly made up of nomadic Abbala and Baggara Tribes.( known as the Janjaweed)
The United States, Britain, and European Union declared the conflict genocide against tribal Africans by arab militias

The UN tried to send peacekepers, but sudanese government said no.

An African Union peacekeeping force had already been deployed to the region but was ineffective at stemming the violence
The UN stopped short of declaring the actions in Darfur genocide, citing a lack of evidence regarding intent to destroy any particular ethnic group.

2009, the ICC indicted President of Sudan on counts of crimes against humanity and war crimes, excluding the crime of genocide. How countries are Intervening????
2008 the chief prosecuter for an international tribunal in the Netherlands wanted Sudans president to be convicted of war crimes, crimes agaist humanity, and genocide associated with conflict in Darfur

Darfur Genocide war crime pictures who??? Sudanese military and the Janjaweed VS rebel groups The Darfur Genocide is an awful genocide that is on going, it is a result of the tension between two groups and has resulted in mass murder and torture,despite this horrible event, the the United Nations is not allowed to intervene in Darfur. who??
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