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Picture Consequences/ Exquisite Corpse

Nic Hahn

on 8 March 2011

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Transcript of Surrealists

Surrealists paintings were generally based on dreams. Their paintings were filled with familiar objects which were painted to look strange or mysterious. They hoped their odd paintings would make people look at things in a different way and change the way they felt about things. They thought that their paintings might stir up feelings in the back of peoples minds.
One of the most famous
Surreal Artist is
Salvador Dali
This is Salvador Dali
Salvador Dali was born in Spain in 1904. When he was a child, he showed strange behavior and often interrupted his class in school. As he got older, he started to paint pictures that came from his dreams. His dreams and his paintings were scary and unreal.
Dali went to art school in Madrid, Spain. He got kicked out, and never finished. He even spent time in jail. However, he continued to paint, and his art style became known as Surrealism. Salvador Dali drew everyday items, but changed them in odd ways. For example, one of his paintings is of melting clocks.
Before he died at the age of 85 in 1989, Dali had created works in film, ballet, opera, fashion, jewelry, and advertising illustrations.
Clock, Salvador Dali 1945
Did you see the melting Clocks?
Could you find the Crawling Ants?
Could you find a Face?
What do you think about Dali's work?
Les Elephants
Did you see an Animal in the work of art?
Did you see people?
What told you that this work was Surreal?
Let's Play a Game!
It's called...
Picture Consequences or Exquisite Corpse
Here's How you play...
First, You will get a worksheet with 3 section on it.
Fill the top section in with a face. Be sure to add hair, hats, anything you can think of that belongs on a head. You can think out of the box as well... Think Surreal.
Now fold the top half over to hide the head that you have made.

Pass it to your right.

You will get a new work of art from your neighbout, add a body in the second section. Fill you this space. Be Creative!
Repeat the process again!
Now you are drawing the legs and feet!
When you are finished open and reveal your surreal project!
Your name should be on the back of each section you worked on!
Try it again with a new group!
This projet was inspired by Art Ed 2.0 Ning

I also found good background information from an article by Nancy Walkup on here blog.

If you would like to participate in this project please visit my blog at...

If you want a copy of the template I used go to...
Do you know of any Surreal Artists?
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