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Infernal devices

No description

Isabelle Echeverri

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Infernal devices

Outline What do my books talk about? What is the genre? Describe the three main characters. Summary Tessa is taken hostage by the dark sisters. They tortured her to prepare her power for the Magister. She gets rescued by Will and he brings her to the London Institute. Throughout the story, there are adventures and things to overcome to find the Magister. Genre Fantasy Supernatural being's called Downworlder's. There are Shadowhunters that are dedicated to ridding the world of demons. Love story between Will and Jem towards Tessa. Tessa Theresa (Tessa) Gray... Tall and slender and has dark brown hair and blue gray eyes; Has the ability to Shape-Shift and has the gift of immortality; Loves reading books; Thoughtful; Courageous; Shy at first, but evolves through the books. Very stubborn; ...Tessa Wears a clockwork angel necklace that holds her guardian angel inside. Protects her in case of death. Asks a lot of questions; curious. Loves both, Will and Jem. Jem James (Jem) Carstairs... From Shanghai; A demon, called Yanluo, tortured him by injecting a special drug in his body. Dependent on the drug to live. He is gentle, affectionate, friendly,patient, loving and sympathetic. Speaks from his heart; has a balanced attitude, sensible soul and he is wise. Loves Tessa, and at one point is engaged to her. ...Jem The drug changed his appearance. Has silver hair and eyes with delicate asian features in his face. Has pale skin; weak without the drug. Loves to play the violin. Also loves animals. Will William (Will) Herondale Thought that a curse was put on him; for many years, he was rude to people so they would have no feeling for him. Found out that there were no curse; he pushed people away for nothing. Jem and Will are parabatai; their souls are connected. Like Tessa, he is very stubborn, he loves reading poetry and novels. Loves Tessa in every way that counts. ...Will Has a great sense of humor. Beautiful; nice features in his face with bright blue eyes. Saves Tessa in many situations. I hope you were able to learn a bit about my books. Thank you!
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