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Robbie D

on 17 June 2010

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Transcript of antartci

Double click anywhere & add an idea animals climate as cold as -89.2
if you stand on the top of Antarctica you have to go north
ANTARCTICA there are over 30 different animals that like to hang out in Antarctica bibliography and end www.google.com/images.au thanks for watching scientists Roald Amundsen Sir Ernest Shackleton Robert Falcon Scott Richard Byrd because its so cold the snow never melts TREATY the treaty was made in 1961 by Robbie Wyllie did you know that the killer whale is in the dolphin family now see the difference antartica is just about at the end of the world all those you suffer from a sight problem (old people) should try reading from here as to challenge yourself. hello class 7SG did you know that the only animal to attack the leopard seal is the orca. here is a small example on the weather. all sorts of ice are in Antarctica brash ice
pancake ice
DO NOT EAT the type you can skate on ice bergs this one you can eat ALL IN A YEARS WORK
here is some facts about Antarctica the snow never melts albatross wing up to three metres Antarctica nearly doubles in size in the winter the baby bird is often bigger then the perant there are 380,000,000 sea birds the first person to cross the circle was capt james cook in 1773 not in Antartica Roald Amundsen was the first to the south pole Australia own more of the Antartic then most because we are closer then most the base in antartica the reason for all the bright colours is because of snow storms
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