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A Mango Shaped Space

No description

Morgan Pierce

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of A Mango Shaped Space

A Mango Shaped Space
The Author's purpose of writing A Mango Shaped Space is to entertain the readers.
The setting of the story is in Northern Illinois and takes place mostly at Mia's house, and her school.
The plot of the book is about a girl
named Mia who has a condition called
synesthesia. Synesthesia is where numbers,
letters, and sounds all have colors. She has never told anyone, including her parents and best friend, Jenna. Once she starts failing math during school, she feels like it's time to tell her parents. Mia is taken to multiple doctors who can't find out what she has until she meets one neurologist who clears everything about Mia's condition.

Mia- Main character
Jenna- Mia's best friend
Mango- Mia's cat
Jerry- Mia's neurologist
Adam- A boy Mia meets online who also has the
condition Synesthesia

Mia is faced with synesthesia and she struggles with her school work. Also her parents who are forcing her to try and get rid of her condition when she wants to still have it. Her friends because her best friend Jenna betrays her about the whole synesthesia thing when Mia needs someone there for her. She struggles with her cat because her Grandfather died a while ago, and she was really close to him and now she believes that part of his spirit is inside Mango who dies later on.

Mia is introduced with a condition but she
doesn't know what it is. She has always thought
that other people saw what she saw . Mia and her best friend Jenna like to be outdoors to have PIC missions ( partners in crime ) and they are in the middle of one in the beginning.
Rising Action
School starts and Jenna is failing Math from
getting F's on tests because of her condition
She tells her parents about
what she has been seeing and they think she is going crazy
She then tells her friend Jenna, hoping
that she would comfort her and help her with what she's going through, but instead she gets mad and runs off to tell other people in school when she wanted to keep it a secret
She goes to multiple doctors who can't figure out what condition she has, until a neurologist named Jerry discovers what she has.
Mia finally found out that
she has Synesthesia, and on top
of that, her cat Mango dies, which is a big change in her life.
She meets a guy named Adam who also has synesthesia from a synesthesia website that her doctor Jerry recommended her to look at. They exchange emails and chat online.
When Mango died, Mia lost her colors because of the trauma. She then regained her colors after the year progressed.
Cause and effect of plot
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