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PresenterMedia Prezi 2013

Welcome to PresenterMedia's Demonstration of our Animations and Images in Prezi!

Presenter Media

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of PresenterMedia Prezi 2013

Prezi Demonstration By using PresenterMedia content with the strength and creativity of Prezi, you are able to give your presentation a whole new feel. To view our PowerPoint Animations in Prezi, simply download the SWF version of the file. About PresenterMedia PresenterMedia has been a team for over a decade and our artists are our owners. That means when you have a suggestion, it's going straight to our owners. Our content is compatible with Prezi. Our Team ~ The Owners Our team consists of four owners who all have created amazing works of 3D images, animations, videos and PowerPoint templates with combined experience of over 30 years in the industry. Our Team ~ The Artists Our artists consist of three of our owners, one full-time artist and one internship position, all of whom are dedicated to creating items which have been suggested by our subscribers Clip Art Results Animations Compatible Use PNG or JPEG images from PresenterMedia.com Our Team ~ The Techs Our technical team begins with our Server Administrator and owner, and is followed up by our leading development programmer (you can thank him for the add-in and customizable text over video backgrounds), and finally our technical support / training staff (that's me!)
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