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history ISP

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Transcript of History

Why is this Generation NOT Interested in History
What Do You Think?
History? How do you feel????...... Who do we learn about

What is ....... WORLD HISTORY Global History
Transactional History
International History

Diplomatic History
NOT World History as a subject 1970s TeAcHiNg NATIVES Vikings Europeans Leaders BoRiNg 1812 Confederation 1867 InTeReStInG CoNfUsInG How It Works Chronological order of events

From Vikings to year of 1914 Grades 6-8: Grade 10: Since 1914

Grades 11-12: Optional Canada and politics

Optional Canada: History, Culture and Identity Different by province and by grade: Ontario Quebec Cycles 2 & 3
(grades 3-6): White-Aboriginal contact

French Canadian society 1745 to 1820, and other societies 1905 and 1980

Grade 11: History of Canada and Quebec,
With examination of other provinces British Columbia Grades 4-5: Social studies includes mainly
Aboriginal History Grades 9-11: 1815 Europe and North America

Grades 10 and 11 focuses on Canada from 1815-1914

Some historical content on the 20th century
Too boring Too hard to understand "Do I need to care, Do I want to care, Do I have to care,
NO!!!" "Why do I need to know anything about some guy who is dead anyways?" "Why care about the past, worry about the future!?" ? ? ! ? ? ! ! ! Do You Want To learn World History? More Interesting More Exciting More Exciting More Modivating Not BORING New Technology? People don't think of history as important to them Don't want to know who they are or where they came from Dont want to know who their family is and where they came from If you moved here don't you want to know why and where you came to? HISTORY?
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