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Introduction to Prezis with Prezi-town

using a template to make a prezi

Alan Roemer

on 18 July 2016

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Transcript of Introduction to Prezis with Prezi-town

Acción de la Materia sobre la RadiaciónAAcc
"what about my collection of pre-made powerpoints?"
"I'm not creative enough"
is this a good idea for people like me with ADD?
Welcome to Prezi
Right now, it's something different
more variety of movements
more exciting
endless possibilities!
It's free!
great for your GT kids!
room for differentiation
Room for modifications?

allows for individualization
Danger: May cause motion sickness :)
good news!
difficulties of prezis...
Los trazadores son sustancias que se introducen en un sistema con el fin de estudiar la evolución temporal y/o espacial de determinado proceso químico, físico, biológico o industrial, a través de su detección o medición.
where do you start?
there are sooooooo many options
you can easily insert graphics from google image searches!
the clock numbers came from inserting an image and automatically using google image search. The pencil was an inserted graphic already available
prezis were designed to be interactive. You can move about throughout the entire presentation on your own
you can click the arrows and move through in the author's designated order
Don't change the theme. It will affect the entire presentation
Insert text, images, links, videos, etc.
Keep in mind that the file is saved "to the cloud" at prezi.com

It is not too easy to download a usable file, but you can download a pdf version of your prezi.
Benefits of prezi
the kids like it better than powerpoints... (in my unscientific opinion)
even though you are limited on your actions within prezi, there are a lot of open-ended movements and inter-connected actions possible for emphasis
The students like interactive fun stuff. they will like this for awhile until there is the next "new" idea.
You can zoom in and zoom in and zoom in mulitple times to highlight important components but still show the huge aspect of the entire "big picture"
Do you see some where this type of presentation could be useful??
This is just an imported picture
You can even insert a pdf!
Insert pre-made graphics

Log in with facebook

Use templates
There are android and iphone/ipad apps
You can import those old powerpoint slides!
most of it is... for teachers/students
of course!!!
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