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MAGNUM Entertainment

Video Portfoio

Matt Melton

on 7 August 2014

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Transcript of MAGNUM Entertainment

Hello and welcome to the world of entertainment, Video Production, Digital Media, and everything else between brought to you by MAGNUM Entertainment.!!!!!
Original Animation
Don't let the name scare you. Rather, let it excite you as it dose to so many. After launching Remnant Pictures, an independent film company creating a professional feature film DECEPTION, now, MAGNUM Entertainment is taking on new projects. If you thought the Atomic bomb was a grand and glorious discovery then you simply haven't experienced the explosive impact of MAGNUM Entertainment. If you think your project can handle this wake of pure power and exploration of new heights...

Magnum Entertainment is a Independent Video Production company that is engineered for any type of business or organization, looking to enhance their media marketing with video production. We are the creative outlet for any, World Wide and high quality, Video Production. Our Table is equipped to handle any type of writer, artist, or director aspiring to produce a major film production.
SGA Sponsored
Original club
By Magnum Entertainment. This is a festival bound short film. A goal for this film is to be in Film Festivals around the WORLD!
"He's Gone
Watch the Trailer!!
Movie Poster
Music Videos
This is the Refined Tattoos Documentary that was used in Brevard Community Colleges first ever Independent Digital Features Festival. This was an Full event with a Red Carpet intrence, 20 student entries, followed by a Golden Cassette Awards Ceramony. This was all produced through the Digital Media Bobcats a club for the Digital Media Program at BCC.
This is a music video for June Carbon with FIRETRAK Entertainment
One mans, final decision dramatically rattles the life of JoAnn Johnson. This is a heart felt, reenactment of that moment. "As Dusk Falls" upon the life of Clifton Shawn Clark, the dots begin to be connected and she rushes to the house of her friend Montise, his wife. Produced and Narrated by JoAnn Johnson. Directed and Edited by Magnum Entertainment. Music By Potato (Thijson Slok)

This is "As Dusk Falls" that was used in Brevard Community Colleges first ever Independent Digital Features Festival.
Original Officers
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