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Diasporic Communities

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Joshua Graeler

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Diasporic Communities

Diaspora Communities
Diaspora Communities
These communities were spread out from their points of origin.
Muslims in the Indian Ocean Region
Chinese in Southeast Asia
Sogdians in Central Asia
Jews in the Mediterranean, Indian Ocean Region, and Silk Roads
Who Was In the Community
In the community there were the Hadhramawt of Yemen, Hadrami Arabs, Sayyids, Sufi traders and the commoners.
Where did it originally come from? why did it leave? Where did it settle?
The muslims specifically the Hadrami came from southern Arabia and moved along the trade routes to East Africa, India, and Southeast Asia
They left for reasons like space, bad climate, political upheavals, and mostly trade.
What impact did it have on its new locale?
One of the main impacts was the dominance the muslims had over the Indian Ocean. As well as attracting a variety of products and people.
Who was in the community?
Most immigrants were illeterate, poorly educated peasants and manual laborers. Historically called "coolies"
Where did originally come from? why did it leave? Where did it settle?
These immigrants originally came from china. They left because of war, starvation, and the problems cause by political corruption. They migrated to southeast Asia as well as South Africa, Austraila, and the Americas
What impact did it have on its new locale
In the three countries of southeast asia that the chinese migrated to , they all had to choose between the desire to emulate the chinese culture or preserve their distinctive languages and social cultures. They all at some point were affected by the chinese culture.
What impact did it have on its new locale?
Sogdian's were the main traders of China and Central Asian from the 5th to the 8th century. Their trade influenced many cultures as they spread across middle east Asia and China.
Central Asians, trading merchants. intermarried chinese due to sex trade.

Who Was in the Community?
These communities were composed of ethnic Jews. These communities were then held together through their religion and their cultural heritage.
Where Did This Community Originally Come From? Why Did They Leave? Where Did They Settle?
These diaspora communities of Jewish people originally came from Israel.
These people left Israel due to the destruction of their homeland by the Romans.
They settled throughout the Mediterranean region, the Indian Ocean region, and in central Asia.
What Impact did these Diaspora Communities Have On Their New Locale?
The Mediterranean was impacted by Jewish diaspora as many jewish people were forced to be slaves.
They impacted India with cultural diffusion and the acceptance of their religion into India.
For the silk roads, they played a great impact with trading.
Came from?
Indepent and warlike, they formed border region in Hellenistic Times. Captured by Alexander the Great.
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