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Hotel Rwanda

No description

Shivam Purohit

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Hotel Rwanda

Manipulation Proof Impact Media propaganda played a
crucial role in the genocide,
including the Radio Rwanda,
which promoted and encouraged
civilians to kill their neighbour Tutsis.
The media also reported many lies to
arouse Hutus to hate and clean the country of Tutsis. The genocide would not have
been nearly as effective without
the media. The media also played a
role recruiting Hutus into the
Interahamwe militia. The Radio Rwanda
was directly owned by the Interahamwe
to announce fake reports on innocent
Tutsis. If a Hutu does not participate in
the killing, he/she will also be executed or
raped. Displacement Proof Impact Thousands of Hutus were displaced
during the advance of Tutsi rebels (RPF).
Many Interahamwe militiamen also fled
the country and became organized
terrorists in the Republic of the Congo.
During the massacre, thousands of Tutsis
fled the country or into refugee camps like
Paul’s hotel or UN camps. After the genocide, the
Hutu government collapsed
and a new government was
set in place. After the
Rwandan Patriotic Front took
control of Rwanda, they created
another 2 million Hutu refugees.
The Hutu army surrendered
and by the end of the Genocide,
more Hutus and Tutsis were
displaced then had been killed. Suffering Proof Impact Tutsi women faced the dangers
of war rape and men were executed
with machetes. Many Tutsis suffered
from wounds, food shortage and water.
Many Tutsis lived in extreme poverty
and some were lucky to share a room
with one bed for the whole family in a
refugee camp. Those who had no shelter
had to hide and suffer from no medical care. Two-thirds of sampled 1200 Tutsi
widows were HIV positive after the
genocide from the many HIV positive
Interahamwe men who were recruited.
About one million Tutsi civilians were
killed during 100 days, which is about
10 000 deaths every day and about 400 000
orphans had to become heads of the family. Ethnic Hate Proof Impact The Rwandan genocide had been
planned to happen by many government
officials in secrecy. When the plane carrying
the president of Rwanda was shot down,
the media accused the RPF of doing so,
which caused much hatred towards the
Tutsi minority group. In fact, during a
later investigation, the missile that brought
down the president’s plane came from a
military camp, and not the RPF. The longstanding tension and
ethnic competition between
the minority Tutsis and the
majority Hutus started the
hatred between the two.
Because the Tutsis had ruled
for the past couples of years,
and the Hutus suffered from
it and began hating Tutsis.
After the plane carrying
President Juvenal Habyarimana
was shot down, the Hutus
decided to rid the country of
Tutsi cockroaches.
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