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Macarthur virus notes

2011: MacArthur Bio

Karin Montemayor

on 7 April 2011

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Transcript of Macarthur virus notes

Did you know?
5-20% of Americans get the flu each year
36,000 die a year from the flu
Virus is the latin word for poison VIRUS Notes The good: We can make vaccines
The bad: They may cause disease The ugly: VIruses are tiny! Characteristics:
Have DNA or RNA covered by a protein coat called a capsid
Capable of reproducing only when inside a host cell
Viruses are not alive and they are specific! Has these properties of life:
After infecting cells, viruses can reproduce, regulate gene expression, and evolve

Does not have these properties of life:
Not made of cells
Cannot live independently because it needs a host
Bacteriophage Characteristics:
May have spikes to help it attach to the host
Infects SPECIFIC host cells
A virus that infects a bacteria is called a... Spherical shape:
Influenza Rod shaped:
Tobacco mosaic virus Retrovirus:
Contains RNA
Genetic information is copied backwards, from RNA to DNA instead of DNA to RNA Aids is a retrovirus.
It can remain silent for years
AIDS attacks the immune system
AIDS stands for acquired immune deficiency syndrome
Lytic Cycle:
process where a virus enters a cell, makes a copy of itself, and causes cell to burst
Lysogenic Cycle
a virus embeds its DNA into the DNA of the host cell and is replicated along with the host cell's DNA Eventually, the lysogenic cyle will become a lytic infection Vaccines:
A weakened form of a virus is given to a patient to encourage the growth of antibodies
If infected with a live form of the same virus, the body should have enough antibodies to ward-off infection

Viruses produce disease by disrupting the body's normal equilibrium Unlike bacterial disease, viral iseases cannot be treated with antibiotics viruses are
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