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Otaku Channel Official

No description

Alanie Wood

on 25 June 2014

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Transcript of Otaku Channel Official

Welcome to Otaku
Our Challenge

Own review show kinda like Good Game SP
-Anime game reviews
-Guest manga Artists
-Asian Movies

And finally, make our own channel. After getting publicity and good profits

Our Solution
Anime is for all ages.

University students and college students spend more on merchandise.
Our Target Market
Acquiring Customers
How We Are Going To Make Money
Our Key Competition
Reasons Why We Are Better
We are part of the Otaku Community.
My colleagues -Briana Hunter and Alanie Wood.
We're from Hamilton Senior High School.
The Next Step
Currently we are seeking...
Make a legitimate channel.
Get sponsors.
Web Designer & TV Presenter.
Approach TV stations and Foxtel.
-Sponsers and investors.
-Social networking sites.
-Getting the word to various Otaku groups.
-Self promo.

-We will be both online and on tv.
-Based on people choice.
-It's new.
-Our channel is the first of it's kind in Australia.

Not enough channnels broadcasting Asian material e.g Anime, k-pop, j-pop and Korean Movies...and many more.

SBS only has a small range of material.

To create the website and show.
Contact us at


~ Otaku Channel ~
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