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Cassidy Zhang

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of MarinaScience/AcidsandBases/33

Acids and Bases
When a hydroxide ion is released, the solution becomes basic. Bases can only consume weak acids.
What are acids?
What are bases?
Some examples of acids are:
Carbonated soda
Hydrochloric acid (for digesting)
Sulfuric acid
Acids taste sour, can burn skin and can turn litmus paper red.
Acids are classified when they are lower than 7 on the pH scale. Baking soda and vinegar react because vinegar is an acid.
Bases are slippery, bitter, and turn red litmus paper blue.
They contain metal oxides or hydroxides.
Bases also have an excess amount of ions. They increase the OH- concentration in water
and accept OH- ions.

Some examples of bases are:
Tap water
Sodium hydroxide (NaOH)
Acids are ionic compounds and break apart in water, forming hydrogen ions. When When a hydrogen ion is released, the solution becomes acidic. Acids also have the ability to break down objects such as metal. When reacting with metal, it forms a gas.
What is the pH Scale?
The pH scale, short for potential of hydrogen, shows whether a solution is acidic or basic. If a pH indicator strip shows that it is higher than 7, it is basic. If lower, it is acidic.
Buffers are compounds that neutralize the pH of a solution. They combine with either H+ ions or OH- ions to keep the solution neutral. Buffers help a lot in organisms because many organisms cannot live when the pHs are too acidic or too basic.
What are buffers?
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